One or more passes is discarded due to linking constraints? SOLVED

im having a difficult time trying to get my design cut and its only been my 3rd time using fusion 360 so how do i fix the message “one or more passes is discarded due to linking constraints.” Also when i try to cut it some pieces arent cut or just left on the table without a trace.

here is the file for reference as well

@jrck.21 Welcome to The Forum

What one or more passes we’re discarded for linking constraints means.

The pass is what everyone else in the world but Fusion would call the path, A loop or line being cut in Fusion. Now the Linking constraint is found in the 2D profile menu in the linking tab. Linking constraints are lead ins, lead outs, lead in radii, Pierce clearance, etc and the other factor that affects this is kerf width. So the problem is is all these linking parameters add up enough the fusion doesn’t believe they can fit it all in the geometry trying to be cut. The solution is to reduce these parameters until they fit inside the geometry being cut.

If you click on my avatar there’s some links to some basic Fusion 360 videos which some of them do cover the cam portion of fusion 360 and this exact issue.


oh ok thank you so much!