Ok... Back at it again.. Trying to get THC to work

Ok so about 6 months to a year ago I had THC issues with my Cut60 from Primeweld unit.

Issue then was the Prime Weld unit sent divided voltage to the THC way to hot and blew the first resistor in line for DIV Input. Prime weld and Langmuir made it right by both sending me out a New Prime weld unit, and a new THC. Both told me to connect the THC directly to the leads and do RAW Voltage.

Finally had some time in my shop to take my machine apart and do just that. I connected the leads to the connections in the machine as per prime weld and Langmuir instructions. Bypassing the CNC port on the Prime weld getting voltage from the ground clamp and torch from inside the machine.

Same issue. With both THC VIM boxes. New and old one. Why am I using the old one you ask? Well the Div input is blown but the RAW input is fine. I took it apart, inspected and testing it with a volt meter.

I followed the step by step flow chart in the Langmuir forum and the Langmuir set up and trouble shoot guide.

  1. Connections are correctly hooked up to machine
  2. Ran THC test on THC control panel (0v found), 1.3v shows when testing only for a second when arc goes out
  3. Voltage to VIM is 140v from the Primeweld Machine
  4. (Possible first issue) Voltage out of the VIM is 0, when arc starts its 14.1v. Langmuir says it should be 1.45v
  5. Checked for grounding issues to the gantry and no bad ground
  6. Put the multi meter against the THC module in the Electronics enclosure, REF to GND and received 4.1v
  7. The THC module (D13) in the electronics box RX/TX are blinking. The (ROW? RAW?) and the L light just under the TX light is solid red as well.
  8. D1 and D1 on the electronics module board re flashing yellow constant

Leading me to believe something in the THC VIM isn’t working since the output is 14.4v instead of the 1.45 as it should be… But again I’ve tried 2 different VIM’s and both have no output. Accept when the arc turns off it shows 1.4 for a split second.

Id really like to get this figured out. After spending extra money on this for better cuts. Ive only been able to use it a handful of times before it completely sopped working. My cuts and consumables are suffering from this and I’d love to get this working properly.

how did you wire it from the inside? it could be that you have the red and black banana wires reversed and so that’s why you’re not getting voltage our of the PIV OUTPUT.

did you follow this guide?

I have it wired exactly like that guide lists. That’s what I used and tripple checked before plugging it in.

Red to work clamp, Black to torch. Directly into the VIM and plugged in to the corresponding input