Official 2X2 Z kit THC upgrade kit coming soon?!

I have a feeling…

If it’s a burning sensation when you urinate, see a doctor.


Still burning

I have a feeling too… A feeling it ain’t happenin’…

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My feeling is different. I took care of this myself and I am pleased with the result so…

been married that long huh?..sorry…could not resist that one

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Can you make me one?

42 years this year :heart_eyes:

@Werks3D, sorry, no. I actually looked into making a kit a while back, but concluded the effort to support ‘customers’ would be too overwhelming for me to take on. I figured anyone buying the kit would have to have the skills to make one on their own. Not a good bet.

Just for the sake of conversation. I was getting ready to build my own THC for my crossfire last month. I had tooljunkie’s parts list and was ready to order parts. On an afterthought, I decided to write LS and ask if they intended to release a THC for the crossfire. They responded, (same day I might add) that they were indeed in R&D with one now and expected it early this year. They had not nailed down price or ETA. They asked if I’d like to be notified when it was ready to which I replied yes. So, I am on someone’s list. OK cool. I can wait. If nothing pops by June then I may have to look at alternatives once again. But for now… we wait, (sigh). …(grin)


Website is showing a “THC Upgrade” as an add-on, but coming soon. This is for the Crossfire basic page, not the bundles. it also references the “Gen 2”. So it would seem it might be not too far away as an option.

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Would this indicate that the guys running the real OG crossfire 2’x2’ without the new electronics box…without firecontrol… running Mach3…not Gen2… Going to be screwed?? That’s the feeling I’m getting…

Well, the statement on the website is ambiguous. “Upgrade your CrossFire with the Z-Axis, IHS, and THC kit for Gen2 CrossFire CNC Plasma Machines”
Does that mean the Upgrade kit is ONLY available if you have a Gen2 system? Dunno.

I think the original postings WRT an upgrade kit implied you would need to replace the electronics box so that part is not a surprise. However, if they’ve decided that, well, no, we didn’t really mean that. Then, yeah, you won’t be able to buy an upgrade kit (from them anyway) if you have an original table. But that doesn’t make a lot of sense. So I’m not ready to draw that conclusion.

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Pretty sure the pre FireControl versions would need to upgrade the electronics box as well. There some upgrades the og has advantage of over the FireControl. Some posts on here search

Oh yeah…for sure the electronics box would have to be replaced on my table…

Just not sure if this “kit” includes that…

We’ll have to wait and see…

Right, and I think that’s the pivotal point in trying to read the web info. IF the upgrade kit is ONLY for 2nd gen 2x2s then the Upgrade kit is easy from LS’s perspective. But it’s a very limited market compared to all those who have the original system and doesn’t help the original owners at all.
However, the problem with speculating is that we can easily get our ‘knickers in a twist’, as they say. As you say, We’ll have to wait and see.


I’m on the email list. I hope its ready like I was told when I purchased my complete package. My table is ready to work. Has anyone had any updates on when?
I was told early January :confused:

I emailed them a month ago on this and got same response. Early 2021 and was put on the list for notification.

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Any word on the release date yet?
I’ve sent a email a week ago and haven’t gotten any response… ? ? ?

you now what they say about no news right?

No news is …no news…