Not fully cutting the patterns [SOLVED]

So I am trying to cut the laptop stand from file share. I followed the video series here: CAD/CAM with Fusion360 | Langmuir Systems and did it step by step. Its not cutting my pattern all the way out and leading in on the part itself. Are there any other tutorials that explain some of these settings more in depth? Here is what my cuts ended up looking like.

Where is your material clamp :clamp:?

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I don’t have anything holding the metal down if that’s what you mean, the ground is on the bottom of the water table.

Clamp directly to the material being cut


Me and my friend had the same problem once … Clamp to metal not table

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I appreciate the feedback thank everyone. I got it to do what I needed.

You mind telling those you helped you HOW you ‘got it to do what you needed’?

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Although the feed back of putting the clamp on material did not help with my issue it was a good tip so thank you guys that mentioned that. It was a programming error on my part the lead in distance settings. The issue was never it not cutting through the metal its just not cutting the whole pattern out like in the photo I attached and as I mentioned in my original post.

Glad you got it fixed.

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