Not cutting all the way through on 3/16"

Hello All! I’ve cut a lot of 16 and 22 gauge successfully with my crossfire that has a water table and razorweld 45 plasma. I’m attempting to cut 3/16" steel plate from the big box store for the first time and the overall cut is good, but I’m finding that some of the small holes I’m cutting (.2 diameter) are not getting cut through all the way around. They are cut enough where I can usually, but not always, pound them out using a hammer and screw driver.

I used sheetcam to generate my gcode (as I have successfully done for designs on thinner metal) and my current settings for 3/16" are 45 amps, 35 IPM, .06 shim, .5s pierce delay and and 70 PSI. I have 2 air driers between my compressor and plasma so I don’t think it is a moisture issue. And because most of the cut is good, I assume my consumables are not toast.

Attached are a few picture of the partial cut on a .02 diameter hold. And a picture of my screen from Sheetcam showing the portion where it is not fully cut is at the beginning of the torch cutting the circle.

Do I need a longer pierce delay? Or slow down my IPM or if I should turn up my PSI. I’m planning to experiment, but was hoping to get advice from all of you prior to using up all my 3/16" metal. Thanks in advance for any advice!

It’s safe to say, if you’re not cutting through the material on your pierce, you either need longer pierce delay or more current. Since you appear to be cutting the perimeter (long run) and not the holes (short run), I’d play with pierce delay.
One thing you might look at is This thread talks about how to run test cycles to get the best cut parameters.

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You may want to try an over cut , or pause at end of cut.