Normal vs Low Speed settings on a Hypertherm 45xp (probably a dumb question)

I installed some fine-cut consumables yesterday in my 45xp with machine torch and WOW what a difference in detail! I really don’t know why I waited this long but since most of what we make for customers is out of 16 or 18 gauge steel these are staying in the machine for a while.

The book says for 18 gauge steel I should run 325 IPM @ 45A but since I’m running an OG Crossfire w/XL it will only do 250 ipm max. I assume that is when I should convert over to using the low speed settings instead?

I ran it at 250 ipm @45A last night and the detail was the best I’ve seen out of the machine but now thinking that I was only at 70% of the feed rate it recommended I’m thinking I should have done the 150ipm at @40A.


This thread:

Has a pretty good test case you can use to determine ideal cut settings for any material/cutter. Note that the thread ‘develops’ the code through the discussion so the code mentioned in the first posting is changed pretty dramatically by the end of the thread. It’s helpful to read the whole thing.


I run mine at the book specs for fine cut low speed. I’ve experimented running it slower and at 30 amps, but I’m not certain it made a difference. Everything I do with the fine cuts is so intricate, I don’t think there’s a chance in hell when it comes to reducing the dross.

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What is your material thickness?

Those look INCREDIBLE dude!

Thanks! 16 gauge. Book specs show the kerf is narrowest on 14 gauge I think. I tried some 18 but it was 35 degrees in the shop and I think that much of a temperature change cause my pieces to bow. I may run it again now that it’s warmer, but 16 just works.

The letters on those smaller stars are just over 1/2 inch. Tweaked the font manually to get the detail right for the kerf.

Same on this one.

I’m sure I can hijack my own thread to ask more question :slight_smile:

What is your lead in/out, pierce clearance with something like that? It looks incredible but damned if Fusion doesn’t try and fight me for tool path if I don’t get creative.

I use sheet cam. The files in those pictures were done off svg designs I made in Affinity Designer. Took less than 30 seconds to post process. Sheetcam does a great job of detecting inside vs outside vs open contours. I didn’t trust it at first, but it’s been working well for me.

.125 lead in and lead out. Rules set to slow the travel speed prior to and coming out of right corner. Pierce delay is .47 I think, plunge rate 60 ipm. Some of the terminology is different from fusion.

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It’s your thread! It’s allowed!
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seriously nice work…!!!..really nice

I cut a 16 ga piece yesterday with a lot of detail in it . I ran it at 40 amps and 225 IPM , But the piece was scrap when I finished. Some Small parts missing completely , so I 'm thinking my consumables need to be changed or it needs to run slower. I’ve only cut 2 parts with the current consumables . I’m not sure how the feed rate impacts the quality.?