Noob needs help

So, I finally got my Crossfire Pro set up and running. I did a few cuts using a pattern I found on the file share with a “ready to cut” setting of 178 inches per minute and it came out fine (flower.jpg). When I tried to cut a pattern I made it threw an error and had some weird lines showing up in FireControl that don’t seem to be there in Fusion360. I have attached the image of the good cut (flower.jpg), the Fusion360 file for the pattern I made (my daughter is graduating from Penn State and it is for her), the NC file and the error that I am receiving when my Crossfire Pro does the initial cut and a close up of the weird lines that only show up in FireControl.

I forgot to add that this is with a Razorweld 45 cutter.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

PennState v1.f3d (504.8 KB) (47.4 KB)
Weird lines

post a pic of the lines you are seeing in fire control

The “weird lines” in your pics are your lead-ins. The torch pierces in a waste piece and then moves into the cut path to avoid leaving a pierce mark on your finished piece.

The 3rd suggestion in the error message is likely the culprit.

Looking at your F3D file you have several places where the cut paths are to close together. I try to leave at least 0.1" of meat left between cuts. Ideally I leave 0.125"




Its the one with the orange outlines and the crosshair. The triangles at the end of the blue lines do not show up in Fusion, but they are in FireControl.

Ok, that lines up with the error. I’m new to Fusion also, so I’ll go in Inkscape, move them and try again. I completely missed that they were on the inside of the letter getting cut out.


I’m sorry I thought that was the fusion I was looking at. I did not even see the Cross hairs.
As @72Pony said those are lead ins. they do seem way to long though.
so are you using Fusion for CAM? if so you will want to check your lead in settings.
That error can happen from not having your plasma cutters work clamp on the part your cutting

I updated the dxf a bit if you want to try this version.
Penn 2024.dxf (66.8 KB)

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Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.

I really appreciate the assistance.