No torch and not lowering

Really new to this plasma cutting, and just started to cut again. Can someone tell me why my torch keeps going out, and when the torch rises to move, it does not come back down to cut again. Thanks

If the torch is rising, it is possible that the IHS switch contacts are dirty and are giving the machine the impression that the torch has touched metal. It raises 0.06 inches, reassesses and continues that process as long as that contact is not made. It is trying to get the torch off the metal.

Your torch will not remain “lit” if it is not close enough to get an electrical connection to the metal. The first firing of the torch does not rely on this contact but will extinguish in less than 15 seconds or so if the connection with the work lead is not sensed.

Both issues could be connected to the IHS contacts: dirty or broken contacts/connections, broken or loose wire are the usual causes.


If you can take a video of this happing would be a great way for people to see what’s going on.
lets have some more info!

Have you had any successful cuts?
Are you just getting started? are these your first cuts you have tried?
What is you compressed air set up? Pressure to plasma cutter, pressure on the gage of the cutter, etc.
Have you searched the forum? (magnifying glass top right)