No rnr motion card

I’m constantly wasting metal due to crossfire stopping because of no rnr card not found. Stop and restart computer 8 times on same part only never to get it cut out. Did all the tips and tricks but nothing is solving the problem. Thing is worthless if I can’t even get through one part. Help would be appreciated.

There are a few potential causes of this error message:

A. Mach3 is configured incorrectly or corrupt.

Uninstall Mach3 from your computer from the control panel. Once Mach3 is uninstalled, delete the Mach3 folder from your C: drive, empty the recycle bin, and restart your computer. If you have a Mach3 license file, make sure you save it to your desktop before deleting the Mach3 folder. After your computer has rebooted, reinstall Mach3 using the instructions that we cover here:

B. The USB cable needs to be replaced, or a different USB port needs to be used

Try replacing the USB cable. It is a very common USB cable type, the same kind used for printers. Try your USB cable in all available USB ports of your computer

C. The motion control board needs to be replaced

Open the control box and look for a blinking red (or green if you have a “preorder” or “batch 1” CrossFire from early-to-mid 2018) LED on the motion control board when it is plugged into your computer via USB. Report to us if there is no LED illuminated on the motion control board when plugged into your computer. The light should go from blinking to solid once Mach3 is pulled up.

D. Interference from plasma cutter

If you only get an RnR motion card error message while the plasma cutter is firing, then interference from your plasma cutter might be the source of the problem. Which plasma cutter are you using with your CrossFire? Are you able to move the plasma cutter further away from the CrossFire electronics enclosure and USB cable connecting it to your computer? Does your USB cable have ferrite chokes?

Hypertherm powermax 65
No chokes on usb and have tried all usb ports tomorrow will check led and see about moving electronics and reinstall mach3 and report back.

no going to argue with Askel…he knows his stuff…but I need to solve my curiosity…and increase my knowledge…how old is your table?..

:smiley: I was going to guess he’s got a newer table with the new box and needs FireControl vs Mach3 and the rnr card. I think we’re on the same wavelength. Wonder if Askel checked to see what he had before answering or is assuming he’s got an original table. Since he just joined in Feb and he didn’t mention having it for a year and finally setting it up, I’m willing to bet he’s got a new Crossfire with the new control box and needs FireControl.

Anyone want to make a wager?

oct last year

sometimes can cut something out with no problems then the very next one keeps stopping and have to close and restarrt computer and try to find my zero to start part again, not so easy

are you using FireControl or Mach3 for your cut program?

Using mach3

well there lies your problem
If this is a new table purchased from Langmuir in the last year or so…then it only runs on FireControl, which is free download from the Langmuir site.

delete and forget Mach3…

then you will have to install the proper post processor code for use with Fusion360 or Sheetcam in order to get your drawings from one format into the proper TAP file for use with

let us know how this goes and anymore questions you might have…

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@toolboy, then how do you explain:

any tutorials for installing firecontrol. just want to make sure right files go to the right place

you bought your machine in October last year…was it from Langmuir?..was it a new table?..or did you buy it used off someone?

this is why I asked this part…to try and help determine if it was a newer machine.

I will admit I do not know anything about mach3…but if this is a new machine…do not all Crossfires and Pro models produced in the last year run solely on FireControl?

could newer tables run on Mach3…I have no idea…

brand new table from langmuir

I don’t believe that Mach3 can control a FireControl board. However, I could be wrong about this. In any case, it’s time to get @langmuirsystems in the loop to help because we don’t know enough and OP’s responses are confusing.


Am I correct in my diagnosis that the table should be running on FireControl and not Mach3?

Should Jrp75 reflash the box with FireControl and remove all traces of Mach3?

Are there certain steps this user should take to correct the problems he is having?

@toolboy Since Mach3 is able to intermittently control the CrossFire, he definitely has a Gen1 Mach3 CrossFire machine. That is a good thing to check for, though!

@Jrp75 Your answers so far make sense and are in line with either Mach3 corruption, a bad USB cabe or USB connection, plasma cutter interference, or a faulty motion control board. Does the issue only occur when your plasma cutter is firing? Or do you also sometimes get this error message when the cutter is not firing?

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i just jogged it around for about five minutes and never lost motion or got no rnr, so just when tourch is firing. if im just jogging around and unplug usb and plug back in it says no rnr and have restart comp. this has been going on from the get go but last few days has gotten worse. no rnr all the time when cutting

so i should still be using mach3?

I’m assuming you have the small 2x2 crosfire and not the pro?

if the 2x2, does the front of the control box have 1 Y port or 2 Y ports with only 1 being used and the other one covered?

That’ll tell you if you have a mach3 control box or firecontrol control box.