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Hello! I just purchased a CrossFire Pro. I am looking at (and don’t roast me) the Titanium 65 from Harbor Freight. From the reviews of users it seems to be a good machine for the price. I will have to learn how to wire the machine for the table, but there are others that are doing that. Anyone who have done that please let me know! Also if anyone know of a machine torch that can be adapted to the Titanium 65 please let me know also!


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Welcome to the forum.

Yes, others are using that and the 45 cutters. Learn to use the Search tool (Magnifying glass in upper right) which, among other posts would yield:

Also I’m moving this to the Plasma Cutter category so it gets more focus.


Welcome to the forum! Congrats on the new table!

Lots of people have had good luck with the titanium machines.

I’m sure you have your reasons for choosing it. At $1300 it seems a bit overpriced. Hard to compare them to the Primeweld Cut60 or the everlast 62i because HF doesn’t publish their output voltage. I think if I were going to spend that kind of money I would go with the Everlast 82i. The 90 day warranty would give me some pause buying the titanium.

Also the fact they don’t publish much information makes it hard to compare to other models.

Have they started offering 2T/4T mode yet or selectable lengths for post flow? I know the earlier models didn’t. The 2T/4T isn’t a deal breaker if you are only using it on the table but it is a nice feature for hand cutting. I do both with mine.

Selectable post flow length is nice but prob not a deal breaker if the post flow is at lest 30 sec. Didn’t see that in the specs either.


@leviclow the titanium line is a good product but that 90 day warranty is a deal breaker in my opinion. You can get an everlast with a great warranty. I don’t know about the options of tip sizes with the harbor freight product but the everlast has a ton of different amperage capacity tips and it already had a machine torch you can get with it or add later.

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I have the Titanium 45 on my pro table been a great plasma cutter added the Plasmadyn x45 machine torch to it, have $800 all in. Don’t know of anyone that is using the new on the market Titanium 65, but for what the price of the machine is and to purchase a machine torch for it for another few hundred dollars you can buy a brand new Hypertherm 45 machine w/machine torch or shop around for a used Hypertherm for less money than what you will have into Titanium 65.


Look at the Primeweld Cut60. 3yr warranty, great customer service, and been good to me for 3 yrs.


Thanks for the replies! Really the only reason I want to get a Titanium is that the consumables are cheap and they are 10 minutes from my shop. I was thinking of the 45 but the 65 isn’t much more and it will allow me to cut a little thicker metal, though I highly doubt I will ever get that extreme. This will be a table designated plasma cutter as I already have a Hypertherm 30 for hand cutting stuff, and a cutting torch.

Thanks! I rarely even pop on to forums so thanks for the tip!