New user, sheetcam purchase question

Hey Everyone, just ordered the Crossfire Pro and getting ready for buying the SHeetcam License but need a little tech info. My desktop I’m going to “reboot” aka, “start from scratch” this computer right before I set it up in the shop for the plasma table so it’s nice and clean, no internet bugs and all that crap that slows these things down. So having that said, when I pay for the Sheetcam License program, how does that work when switching computers or rebooting your hardrive for now or future reference? Do I save it on a Flashdrive when I purchase? sorry, I’m not a computer guy at all so bear with me. Thank you

The instructions are located in the sheetCAM help tab.

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so once I buy it, then it will have a “help tab” and that’s where I go for this info. For now, I just download it on this computer? What about when I reboot this computer, what happens to the Sheetcam program? Thanks

I saved the license on a flashdrive so when I need to move it I just download sheetcam and install the license. The license for sheetcam is only good for one computer. You can transfer it but no supposed to use on multiple computers.

Once you download it.

The help tab is available without purchase .

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Email sheetcam and ask about using it on 2 computers. They ok’d it for me.

Les confirmed himself a week or so ago in another thread. that the license for sheetcam was only for one computer. it is super easy to transfer that license.

ok cool, thanks guys. For now it will be on just this one Desktop and hopefully it should last since I’m going to reboot the entire computer from scratch right before I take it in the shop. I was more wondering if I should install Sheetcam and License after the reboot or before…or does it matter lol. I know nothing about computers other than how to restart them to fix certain issues lol.

if you are going to do a complete restore you will have to do it again if you go ahead and install it. sheetcam and firecontrol isn’t that complex. You should be fine to go ahead and restore your computer.

I would save your license on a flash drive because anything can happen, and you need to change computers. my recommendation would be to go ahead and familiarize yourself with the software especially if you aren’t that tech savvy.

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Thank you, and i will definitely save it on flash drive and wait till i reboot the computer.