New Torch Question

OK, this might be a stupid question…
I Just purchased the PrimeWeld Cut 60 torch for my Crossfire, been using the 30i (selling it)
I have 25+ drawings that I used to cut with the 30i, do I need to go into my setups/ toolpaths for each of these drawings and change/ setup each one to my new torch or can I use the 30i settings with the new torch?

You don’t need too… You may find there is a sweet spot by optimizing the tool setup… But there should not be a huge difference that you should have major quality issues. you can try playing with torch height and amps and tips sizes and air flow , if you dont feel like regenerating all your setups and toolpaths.

in general, you will find the cut 60 more powerful, my guess 25 amps on it may seem more like 30-35 with the razorweld. cuttign the 1/8 inch you cut i;d figure you would have to cut below 50ipm with the razor. you should be able to do this at 80-100 now.

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Get this test program and spend some time with it trying different setup’s, best test cut program that I’ve seen.

You could probably get by using 25 or 30A but with the capability of the new cutter you could use 50 or 60A and much faster speeds. That would be worth it.

I tend to use max amps so I can get the fastest throughput. Only time I power/slow down is for thin material (to prevent warping) or fine cuts.

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