NEW to this completely....plasma with pro

I’m a veteran who went back to school after the gas companies i worked for pulled out of PA after working for them for 6 years. I wanted to get into cnc plasma cutting after welding school and ordered the pro. Its suppose to ship this month fingers crossed! Order #16825. I just ordered the primeweld cut60 with machine torch. Anyone running that plasma cutter with success with the pro? Also any options on affordable air dryer setups? This is all Chinese to me but I’m trying to learn and sticking to it! TIA

There are lots of threads discussing the PrimeWeld CUT60. Just do a search. Many of us are using Harbor Freight Compressed Air Dryer.

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That air dryer is a little pricey to me. Is it worth the $400+tax?

Also any suggestions on a cheap air compressor that can keep up?

All you need is a simple air dryer, life is complicated enough.

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i’m running the Cut60 on the Pro with a Harbor freight 29 gallon belt driven compressor with aftercooler installed on it then a 2 stage harbor freight desiccant dryer closest to the cutter… haven’t has any issues with it. I actually started with the original crossfire about a year ago.

I just added the bigger desiccant filter and M60 motorguard about a month ago. you can probably do without, I just added it for extra comfort for dry air.


Tell me that’s not a repurposed water-filter I see on there …I have seen those things explode with air pressure, spewing shrapnel all over the place! :crazy_face:

Awesome! That’s what I’ll be ordering then. Thanks for the heads up. Compressor doesn’t have trouble keeping up at all?

Is this the compressor your running?

Or would I better off buying this one?

yes it is… lol max pressure is 125 and i don’t go over that on my compressor but i’m gonna make a shroud to go over it. it’s very thick plastic.

mine keeps up with what i do for now. if you have the $$, def go with a bigger capacity/ more CFM one.

I don’t mean to rain on your parade but some time ago I received an email which I then confirmed saying that my order due to ship in September may now ship In October but probably in November. Mine is 16239.

I’m staying positive and hope they pull the orders off as originally promised. Who knows

I’m running an Ingersoll Rand T-30 80 gallon compressor (15CFM@90PSI), with half of a 3 ton HVAC A-coil for an after cooler, into a water / oil trap then into the tank. i have an auto drain valve on the bottom of the tank. on my table i have a another water trap and a descant dryer. the after cooler drops the discharge air from around 170-180°F to ambient ~70° and i will get at least a cup or 2 of water every time the compressor cycles depending on the ambient humidity at the time. i also have the compressor air inlet and filter plumbed outside of my garage so it pulls dry(er) air from outside instead of the saturated air from my swamp cooler. its not pretty but it works.

This is where I’m at minus the PRO table…

-Acer Nitro 5 for laptop. Firecontrol installed with fusion 360 but I think I’m going to switch to SheetCam

-Harbor Freight Air dryer. The $400 unit that is big that people say seems to work great

-PrimWeld Cut 60. Ordered the PTM60 Machine torch for it as well with a 3d printed quick detach

-Husky 60 Gal Compressor. 11.5 SCFM @ 90 psi

I think that’s everything besides my new 25x50 metal garage/shop

Anything else anybody can think of that I need?? Figured spend a lil more at the beginning to avoid issues and having to upgrade later on. I’m all in on this. I was an inspector for the gas companies, the place I worked for closed their doors, I’m a veteran and decided to go back to school. I went to welding school and loved it. After that I decided to stop making other people rich and now I’m in this venture. This forum has been great, reading and learning so much!

F360 is a cad/cam program and if you switch to sheetcam you will still need a cad program to create your project. You can still use F360 for cad or they have others. Many CF/CF PRO uses inkscape. Then you can bring it into sheetcam for creating you tool paths and generating G-code.

Harbor Freight Air dryer I bought mine on sale for $299.

I wish I got it on sale, but it hasn’t been and the local harbor freight said they are prob getting rid of that sku so I didn’t want to miss out on one. I heard fusion 360 is changing and that’s why I wanted to go with sheetcam. Any other programs that’s cad besides f360 that people are using and like?

Would Inkscape and sheetcam work?

Inkscape & Sheetcam will definitely do the job for you. I’ve been playing with Inkscape a little myself and as soon as I get my Crossfire Pro up and running I’ll be selling my original CrossFire. I will use some of that money to purchase Sheetcam.

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