New to Crossfire

I am new to plasma CNC but not to CNC as I have other types of CNC’s. My question since I have not set up my table yet. Is there a cut setting list for different materials? Or are they in the software/

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What plasma cutter will you be using?

Right now I am thinking about using the one I have if it would work. I have 50 amp 220 volt suncoo plasma cutter from amazon. I am open to suggestions as to what is a good affordable cutter. On lagnuir they have razorweld units but it seems they only sell them with the table. I purchased a brand new crossfire unit with all the options still in the box from a local guy.

There are many good options for plasma cutters. All have different amps and cut speeds. Most setting will be found in the manual but all need dry air and if you search on this forum you’ll find all kinds of setups to help you in cutting. Moisture is any plasma cutter’s enemy and will cause you all kinds of issues.

That plasma cutter seems to be a high frequency machine and it’s not compatible with Langmuir tables. The high frequency can damage the electronics that control the table.

If you’re looking for a budget plasma cutter, look up Mike Festiva’s YouTube video on the Hynade plasma cutter.


Here is a list of plasma cutters that Langmuir has found to be compatible (look toward the bottom of the page):

Although @ds690 reference to the Hynade plasma cutter is not listed, Mike Festiva is very aware/proficient with the Langmuir system. So if he finds that it works, it will likely work. Langmuir would have listed it as a cutter to avoid if enough users reported problems.

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