New to cnc from Colorado

Hi there. I purchased a cnc from Langmuir yesterday. I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival! I am all the way new to this and looking for any tips or tricks that may help me along in the learning process. Look forward to hearing from you all! I am in southern Colorado. I

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Hi Tristan… One day behind you… Looks like the forums are a great source of info… I’ll be reading my *ss off in the mean time while we wait!! Major newbie here too… Can’t wait to start burning some metal!! Hang in there, it will come…

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I’m definitely very anxious to get going and making some things! I’m curious what program people on a windows computer to do the designing.

I use either CorelDraw or Inkscape. You can use anything that can save or export as an SVG or DXF file. Those can be inserted into a Fusion sketch.

Other popular design packages include Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator.

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Awesome thanks for that! Another quick question. My wife has a vinyl cutter and she uses her silhouette program for designs and she says I could probably use it also to design. What do you think