New Style Razerweld Cut 45 VIM to RAW VOLTAGE

Has anyone ever tried to hook up their new RAZRWLD cut45 to Raw plasama voltage terminals?

for wiring VIM & ATHC

No reason to. The DIV output from that machine is good. Are you having a problem with it?

kind having a hard time starting up yes. So DIV input is good but i dont have the plugin n play wire that connects VIM from DIV port. also support wont supply me with cables info except a link for Raw plasma voltage . BECAUSE I DIDNT BUY MY RAZERCUT FROM THEM …Anyway sorry for yelling. I folllowed all directions carefully still no THC available in Firecontrol.

Out of 29 people ,one has any input …anything??

have you searched the forum for razorweld cut 45???
there are a lot of threads out there to help…

doing that now thanks

still trying to work myself through the frustration of how simple this was supposed to be lol

We do not sell the same Razorweld 45 machines as any other source for Razorweld Plasma Cutters. Because you purchased this Razorweld elsewhere, there are two potential issues:

  1. It likely does not have the correct voltage reduction (20:1 vs 50:1) to work out of the box with our THC module using the divided port.
  2. It likely has a different style plug than we supply with our torch firing kits.

We are not simply being petty because it was not purchased from us.

DIV Voltage is 50:1 and the pin connection and plug style are IDENTICAL. Also can you tell me what the difference is then between ''Your" razorweld cut45 and razorwelds cut45 ?? not probably FACTUALY . Please help me understand this you owe me that at least.

The differences noted above are the result of our experience with many customers who purchased Razorweld plasma cutters elsewhere.

The ‘CrossFire CNC Compatible’ Razorwelds we offer are custom built for us. We do not in any way advertise that ALL Razorweld 45 plasma cutters are plug and play compatible with our machine. There have been many variations sold and changes made to the Razorweld Cut 45 hardware over the years. The CNC port designs in particular have changed multiple times and may look identical.

Regardless of correct plug-and-play cabling a divided voltage port with a 20:1 reduction will cause permanent damage to the CrossFire electronics. One can verify their Voltage division is 50:1 following the Divided Voltage Wiring sections at the bottom of the THC Troubleshooting Flow Chart

Wiring to raw voltage is a valid solution for any plasma cutter which is why it is recommended.

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The people at LS try hard to be helpful, so I doubt that are punishing you for buying elsewhere. They probably just don’t want to advise you to ruin your machine when they have a serious doubt about compatibility.n I can tell you the correct cable ends info if you are going 50:1, but would ask that you first please confirm with the plasma vendor that there is 50:1 output from your machine. 50:1 is not a universal standard, so the connector style doesn’t mean much,

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thank you for taking your time to explain a few details to me I am extremely grateful

I wired mine up to the razor cut 45 raw voltage terminals in the last few days. Was extremely easy. Just rip the cover off and follow the big wires from the torch and earth terminals.

Does anybody have a link for support with Razerweld ?