New razorcut 45 consumables

Man so confused. Tried to search the topics but I got even more confused.

I just got a new razorcut 45 with the x45 torch. I need to order some consumables and there seems to be a dizzying array of consumables and NO definitive guidance on what’s compatible with what.

I suppose I could just order them from Langmuir, but I like the speed and convenience of Amazon. But I’m also open to any good supplier.

Please help.

Also they look VERY close to hypertherm consumables… at least to me. Is there a fine cut option like they have for hypertherm. Didn’t see any if there are any.

Thanks guys.

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Go down to your local weld supply store and pick up electrodes and nozzles for the Hypertherm Powermax 45. They are pricey, but you will love the cut quality and longevity they provide.

Thanks Daniel! Loving my crossfire! Still learning and I’ve done a few things that are pretty tough on consumables. (Mistakes mostly. Lol.) I’m going to make a nice laminated checklist until I get more familiar. What kind of consumable life should I expect? I know a lot of factors go into that. But once I quit making harsh mistakes I want to start diagnosing my air supply. I know I get tons of moisture in my lines. I made an air dryer and I have 2 desiccant dryers inline. So I’m wondering if I’m choking the flow. I hear that’s tough on consumables too.

So you went and bought a Razorweld 45. With a X45 torch that was designed and made in Italy and don’t want to use the original consumables designed for it.

That’s like buying a Hypertherm plasma cutter and buying Chinese copy consumables for it.

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Idk what you’re talking about. I want to buy whatever is right for it. I just want it to be quick and convenient.

The x45 torch is really the PM70 torch made in Italy by TECMO, its NOT a Hypertherm torch. That means that yes maybe the Hypertherm consumables look the same they are NOT.
Because of patents the torch and consumables have to be made different. That means you need to use the consumables that were made by the company that makes the torch for the best consumable life and the best cuts.
That’s why so many people are having a hard time with cutting problems and consumables with the other torch that comes on the Razorweld 45.
You don’t buy a new Chevy truck and take it to Ford for parts and repairs do you??

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Again. I’m not trying to buy just any cheap Chinese knock-off parts. If I gave that impression I’m sorry. At no point in any of my previous post did I mean to imply that. I simply asked what consumables to buy since nobody makes a manual with a shit these days, and it’s impossible to figure out what to get. (Meaning the part that’s SUPPOSED to go with the machine) . I don’t mind buying them from langmuir if that’s what I need to do (again, to get the right parts) now I know it’s a tecmo PM70… and now I’ll look for those consumables. I’d love to find them on amazon (again the right tecmo parts) because they’re super fast and I get free shipping. Not being a jerk, mechanic416, I’m just trying to be clear, because no, I don’t take my Tundra to the Ford dealer.

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You sell consumables mechanic? Have a web site? Or can you point me in the right direction for tecmo consumables?

Yes I do as I am a Tecmo dealer here in the USA.

You may also want to go to plasma cutters on this forum and check out Razorweld X45 consumables thread

Thanks mechanic. I searched the forum (admittedly I didn’t spend a great deal of time.) And what was obvious to me was there are people using all sorts of consumables. The manufacturer could make it a lot more clear which consumables are for their torch. It seems these days all a manual is for it to give you a bunch of legal disclaimers.

Either way, what sort of consumable life is normal? I realize there’s no normal. And there are a lot of factors. I just want to get a feel for if I need to dig more into my air supply. I understand proper height is a big factor as well. I’ll read more through other threads

Did I miss it? I don’t see consumables on that site for that torch. Perhaps I don’t know what I’m looking at. I’ll try to call

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Disregard…I found them. Thanks

Yep, you missed it , they are on one of my ebay stores

Did you end up using any fine cut consumables with your x45 torch?

The part numbers I’ve found on Hypertherm’s site for their Powermax 45 torch are:
FineCut nozzle: #220930
Electrode: #220842

The electrode appears to have a spring however.

Curious if anyone has tried these as I’d like to try fine cut consumables if available.

Might be worth double checking, but from what I’ve read the XP parts wont fit the x45 torch.

Did you read the previous comments from @mechanic416 ? He is a trustworthy source of information, been on forums for YEARS helping people. Obviously tired of answering the same questions.

I ordered this from
Hypertherm Powermax45 CSA Handheld Cutting Consumable Kit - 851478
and everything works and fits great (no spring) the info your showing is for the 45XP which is the newer Powermax 45. The Razorcut 45 uses the older Powermax 45 consumables

I posted this earlier:

I just got off the phone with Hypertherm.

Hypertherm DOES NOT make torch’s for any other plasma cutter other then Hypertherm plasma cutters.

Hypertherm DOES NOT make plasma cutters for any other company.

Hypertherm also DOES NOT recommend using their consumables in or on torch’s that is not a Hypertherm.


I read the previous comments. The thing is, nobody has yet to say “there are no fine cut consumables for that torch”. Re-read the original and first post that’s why I’m in here reviving this old thing. Has anyone used or know of fine cut consumables for the Razorcut x45?