New projects, remember to use all your resourceS

23 inch sign made for wedding next week

Then matching glasses…


used plotter for vinyl and sanblaster for etch


Very nice job.

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Please give us specs or part number on the vinyl.
Also, what media did you use to blast?

Much appreciated,

The vinyl is oracle 651. Hvy duty and use it for vehicle stickers, Graphics etc. Lasts years outside.
Do not use cheaper thinner vinyl , I found it would not hold up the sand blasting.

For tape use the name brand blue painters tape, NOT green.

Sand is cheap alum oxide(I think) you want it to breakdown and endup less aggressive , new media can cut through a glass quick.

Always tape top shut and cover all surfaces you want clean.

It takes maybe 10 seconds to blast it, prep/cleanup is 75% with 24% being cutting and weeding sticker.

Clean with 91% alcohol before masking

Once complete BEFORE taking off anything, Is to run it under warm water to remove grit…if not, you will scratch glasses removing tape and vinyl mask.

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Also wifes friend wanted mud splash on her suv, so she picked this design, we put it on at the beach, she loves it.
It is a repeat, resize and stretch of one my wife has BUT she wanted same thing down the side so, its what she wanted and she loves it.


Is that you? I’m disappointed. I truly expected a mullet and a beard.

Orcal is the best. That’s all I buy for my cricut

And camo…

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Haha, since it was our 20 anniversary a week ago, I shaved off my 8 inch goate :goat:, and no camo at the beach…did that enough in the army…well except that was the only day no flowered shirts A.K.A. the new camo for 2020 and beyond according to msnm :rofl:

ETA…a couple weeks ago…love my flowered shirts :desert_island:

I love that you have the vinyl cutter. I changed my little hobby website from brown fox metal to brown fox materials when I got my cricut.

If you’re ever in near Salt Lake City we need to meet.

sounds good same over here you get near the 3 corners on TN,VA and NC holla’

We converted a bus to rv about 7 years ago and wife wanted about 300 3 inch turtles running down the sides like a “boil”

Only place local quoted $3 a sticker :scream_cat: so It was 1/2 price to buy a machine and a bunch of vinyl, GREAT entry level machine just like the PRO!

Pic from 2014/15

And yes that was a spiral staircase to the roof :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What part of East TN? I am in Church Hill.

Mnt city…TN

just a bit of info
If your blaster has a pressure pot you can get away with about any vinyl. I use a 120 grit max at about 20 psi. Never have a problem blowing threw cheap vinyl.
Glass blasts quick. Powder coat takes a bit. Stainless isn’t bad. Wood is temperamental. Stain it first and don’t go for depth.

Good info! Thanks

Your welcome. Btw, Good looking work!

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Did these for a lady

Turtle and crab are bent “3d”

Been playing with small router also

And got laser set back up to


Just about got my powdercoat area set up.

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So got a bit of time after VA stuff…you can do some crazy shit with powdercoat.

Hang upside down to give contrast and depth by laying on powder heavy so it flows to corners.

Keep hot, tape and flock…follow with clear…

Sand and distress and a beer becomes a rootbeet…sand, tape …change colors…this maybe why Picasso did absinthe…a few glasses of wine in over 3 hours…still have ears :stuck_out_tongue:

Notice brush strokes etc…3 and 4 layers deep

These are both custom hitch covers

Efa…camera makes red look like crap…very high gloss