New projects, remember to use all your resourceS

:smiley: Yeah, it looks almost pastel. I usually use one of the metal flake powders or a silver base coat followed by the red top to get a deep finish.

Good tips! This is definitely a perfect…fairy tale apple in real life…got a dragon in oven, silver with a transparent red over it…

So the whole zep and water thing, covered with clear is an easy pimp look :wink:


GT1776…whats your powder coat setup look like? What oven you using? I was thinking about making my own with metal studs and a couple of oven filaments with a cheap PID controller and some solid state relays from Amazon. I need a fairly large oven that can be made even larger if need be.

What gun you using? Harbor freight? Eastwood? Gema?

Ben, dual voltage from eastwood, it really does make a difference. The option of low voltage, lets you get into tight areas where the Faridad cage effects happens…bold word is spelled wrong and my phone sucks) :smile:

Pro setup at 10k…there is a reason for it.

I am using basic 120v stove, it works but sucks because of lack of space. I can only really do a 12in pc hanging, laying down one rack i can do a 24 x 14 or so…

Worst thing is doing different colors at same time, you have to move stuff around and any movement or wind will transfer dry powder onto already cooking parts.

Plans is in fall for 48 tall 36 wide and 72 long oven, plan is 2x4 metal studs, insulation and 4burners using stock oven controlls

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Ben, to add to all this. Plasma table, air compressors, plasma cutter, 2 welders, powder coat over…plus other crap, is in an 8x8 building…ex :goat: shed :smiley:


And you can hear the sad goats bleating all the way to central NC! Of course, that would only be the goats that survived the BBQ!


8x8? That is impressive space management.

Its all about, everything is a table when not being used, cant wait until i have space…

Bbq sounds good :grinning: :beers: …mustard or vinegar :thinking:


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I’ll have to check my Goat recipes…

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We like both…then the wife unit…says ( screw the vinegar and mustard)…we need Alabama white sauce…yes, she is…troublesome at.times…but a glass of a nice white wine…makes mama happy…

We have smoked and cured so long, we are…influencesd…and spoiled to our standards


So…every year a local farm does a pallet painting/decorating contest to benefit a local fund to help abused local women , well this is the second annual one :smile:
Last year they had 35 entries
Last year
So rules say to paint/decorate a pallet they provide, “add ons allowed”…so. lets grab a couple pallets and…
By the way this is to be turned in by today!! Started yesterday , friday…its been going on a month so far.
Whatever, so had an idea and fired up the lang table, grinder , vinegar bath and oven…by 21:00 last night i had a pile of this and 2 drying pallet parts…yup. they didnt say shit about cutting them up, “be creative and WOW the judges” …we shall see…how this goes…lol

Laid out…except top wave it was on porch drying

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The new pallet back

Pallet front, using a world map as a table :crazy_face:
Done I hope it looks 3d in picture

Also redid moms small mallet

Another pic on the edit


Very cool. Looks like a shipwreck.

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Exactly what my thought was…3D hillbilly shiat…we shall see how judging goes…thanks for thumbs up!!!

That is something else! Very creative and frugal use of materials. I could see that shadow box (or whatever you call it…hillbilly shiat) on the side of a home in gulf coast somewhere…prob get big money for it.

Well 2nd place, some cash and we will cut a Christmas tree from the farm later in the year.

1st place

A few others

An “8 year old girl” she won kids side

7yearold boy


I like that fence post one, very clever and well done. The Railroad/Stage stop one is interesting and makes me think about what I can do with my laser.

Yours looks way better than that train…

If that happens to be one of the old shaft driven logging engines I work with a guy whose great uncle invented them.

Thanks!!! everyone agrees…once they realize what i did to make it…program, cut, powdercoat, paint a mural and cut and paint the pallet and assemble a 3d under sea adventure…in my backyard…BUT a lot of folks are ignorant on medium so hers using a country vibe and history of the county…I cant complain…art is art to people that like your art.

Next year? Already got my design in my head and spoke with owner about a custom class…since 1st thru 3rd used mind over…

A custom class, were you have to donate for auction…PERIOD…I have alot invested for someone to say $25 …sold.

I did donate some other things for auction.

Next year will be epic, I’ll post it since table will be used to…“transform-er” pallet

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