New Primeweld Cut 60 on CrossFire

New Primeweld Cut 60 on CrossFire…
I just did a few test cuts. 30 amps 75 psi , 50 ipm melted aluminum. Tried again 45 amps 75 psi 75 ipm was getting good cuts and then all of a sudden the torch unit shut off. Restarted it again started cutting good then the torch unit stayed on but the torch itself quit firing… Tried a few times after, no fire…

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What thickness alum, what size tips?

1/8" 5052 aluminum, 60amp tips

The cut chart in the manual said 10ga aluminum 40 amps, 55 psi at 99.61 ipm as a starter. So a 0.9mm/40 amp tip would be used. I would say your settings are way off. To much air pressure, need more speed and the right consumable.

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Bought my 60 amp shielded tips from you off eBay. Not for sure what the actual size is…

1.1mm/60 amp is not for cutting 10ga steel or aluminum. They are for cutting 1/2" to 3/4" metal.

If you want to cut 10ga with a 60 amp tip set it at 50 to 60 amps, 75 psi, and about 250ipm and it may need more ipm or the torch will keep going out.

Great… What tips do I need to cut ⅛ aluminum then?
I asked you before I purchased, guess I thought I was getting the correct tips…

You already got the shielded kit so all you need is these in 40 amp.

Wish I would have known that when I purchased, I would have bought the ones that I need and use to begin with…

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Just bought the 40amp kit…

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Check out the cut chart in the manual it gives you lots of information on settings. Just remember these are starting points you may need to tweak them for your setup.

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Yeah I read through it. Chart doesn’t have much info on 11 GA aluminum.

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No but it does for 10ga and that’s close

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I Agree, I noted that

please let me know how it goes I have the Primeweld cut 60 and am on the 2nd run for the Crossfire Pro I would like to know how it goes and what it cuts like with the right consumables and settings.
Also mechanic416 is great to work with he is full of knowledge about this process and Primeweld is great to work with if you have any issues. Both excellent.



I have been cutting with the pipe tips and after one of our conversations I decided to try the shielded tips, I haven’t tried them yet, can you refresh my memory and let me know what the advantage of using the shielded tips with this table are?
Also, it appears that with the shielded tips that the electrode will be recessed a little bit so do I need to account for that and actually set the shield closer than the .06 that I am setting the pipe tips at?

Thank you

Shielded consumables in most cases last longer. The cutting tip can never touch the metal because of the shield. The shield is designed to blow the slag/doss away from the cut line and not up in the air all over things as well as help cooling the metal being cut. The tip is recessed about .030" so you would set the shield to work about .030" to .035" this will give you the .060" tip the work needed for proper cutting.

Shielded consumables work the best on tables with HC and on thicker metals that don’t have a tendency for warping and having the shield drag on the metal.

Any one wanting more information on this can always call me.


Thank you for the refresher, my memory is not one of my better qualities. lol

Hey how is your Primeweld working with your table and cutting. Would you mind sharing with me. I purchased the primeweld and will be getting the Pro table on the second run.
Thank you

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It’s working good so far, all that I have cut is 18g,I bought 7000lbs for 20 cents a pound and figured that would be good to learn on. All consumables have been bought from George’s plasma, mechanic 416i believe. I have been cutting with 30 and 40 amp pipe tips but have some 30 and 40 amp shielded tips that I will be trying soon. Feel free to ask anything that you are interested in but keep in mind this is my first CNC anything and I have allot to learn.

All of these have been powder coated by my wife and I.
Have a great day.

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