New PC not running THC

Hey guys,

I upgraded to a new pc that stays in my shop verses a laptop I take in and out. When I loaded firecontrol I didn’t have a drop down for the THC. So after reading thru a lot of forums I found the manual download for it. Restarted pc and there is was all green and ready to go. When I go to cut the torch fires and turns off and I get a THC error. Run all the THC tests and it keeps saying it is not seeing voltage. I check all my wiring and everything is fine. I got get laptop and it works no problem so I have to still be having a driver issue with the new pc. Any advice would be great.


Have Langmuir send you a USB isolator, it’s needed for PC setups verses a laptop. Solved my issue instantly as well as many other Langmuir owners. Solves the grounding issues causing the THC voltage issue.

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