New owner. Install?

Hi. Just got my pro in the mail and stoked. I plan to put the cnc on a rolling cart made from angle iron frame, casters and ply.

The first step of assembly is to pit the feet on. Im wondering if I should screw the feet into the cart for rigidity… or screw em down w a piece of rubber so they can flex a bit…
I cant seem to think which is better. I will be rolling around the garage which is a bit uneven. Wanted to hear folks thoughts before I proceed. Rigid or flex or another idea?

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now this comes from first hand experiance…build a rolling platform and place the table on it…do not put casters on the feet.
just build a rolling platfown and sit the table with the feet that come with it.
let the table stand feely and ove a bit on the cart…any stress on the legs can cuase the table to go out of square…
here is a video I did on the feet issue…


I wouldn’t bolt the legs down. I would make the cart so the table sits on the cart just like it would sit on the ground. Here is what I did. I am planning to put the whole thing on fireshare when I finish. Just need to finish painting.



(4) Base plate
(4) 3-1/4” L3x3x3/16 angle
(4)Caster mount plate
(8)Gusset plates
(4) 9” 3/4” T rod
(12) 3/4” hex nut
(4) 1/4 spring pins
(4) hockey pucks
(4) 3/4 flat washer
(4) 1/4x1-1/4 fender washer
(4) 1/4-20 x1/2” cap head screws

Frame Tubing… I used 14ga 3x2 and 2x2 tube because I have a bunch of rejected remnant from a local treadmill manufacturer… use whatever.


I agree with what’s been said: just build the cart and sit the table on top. It’s working great for me.

Man, it was so pretty when new vs now!


Perfect gents… thanks

Good thing you said that, I was just about to ask where is the dirt! :joy:

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Thats the day I became one of the "FNG"s on this forum.

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