New owner from North Atlanta. Wanna be friends?

Hi all,

My name is G.A. and I am in the final hours of assembly of my new CFP. I’m looking forward to playing with it and making some cool things for my Land Cruiser buddies.

If anyone here is located in the Metro Atlanta area, I’m always looking to make friends with shared hobbies. As of now I have nothing to offer but beer and sarcasm, but I hope to be able to contribute to the success of others in the near future.

There is a little trouble shooting to do with my break-in run completed, but I really hope to be cutting this week!


Welcome to a great forum! You’re gonna really enjoy the CFP.

There are a lot of very helpful veteran users on here. If you have a problem just give as much detail as you can and someone has probably already experienced it and will be helpful.

While I don’t have a LC, you can see I’m a Toyota fanboi if you look at my avatar. Thats two 95 Tacoma 4x4s. I also have a Camry, and I’m in the “decision making stage” about getting a GR Corolla. I retired from Toyota here in Southern Indiana.


I am about an hour west of you… I am new to the forums but have had my xr working for a couple months…



Thanks to you both.

@Wsidr1 , Sounds like you already know all about the best trucks in the world :wink:

@dwdesigns , where abouts? Technically speaking, I’m in Acworth right next to Woodstock.

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Oh come on Bret, I see you needing to add one of these to your stable:

@MGA welcome to the forum. Most of us got these CNC plasma machines to make stuff that we need and create with our minds. You will be amazed, amused and sometimes aggravated. It is all part of the experience.



I grew up poor, and like those old Depression era guys used to say, “it’s hard to give up your poor ways, even if you get a little change in your pocket.”. A new Corolla is the biggest dream I can allow myself without reaching for the Tums!


For me the question is simple. Do I want a new car or a new tool?

This is the reason I drive a 17 year old F150.


Porque no los dos?

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Had to look that up: Why not both? Agreed!!!

My problem is that I am now trying my wife’s method of containment of needs/desires/space. When I get something, I really need to get rid of something. Currently I have moved the 3HP shaper, 24 inch thickness sander, 15 inch planer and 15 inch band saw out to the barn. If I don’t miss them in the next year or two, I will sell or give them away. The added room in my shop is so wonderful!


Me too. I have a small fleet of old Toyota’s in varying condition.

1976 is my oldest and 1991 is my newest.

I heard that there might be a new Toyota Crown coming to North America?

*Edit it looks like there is

That’s good. a wood shop and a metal shop should be two separate spaces.


Don’t get me wrong, the plasma cutter and table still won’t fit in the workshop. But at least I have room for bending and assembly in the workshop.

I have to pick non-rainy days for plasma cutting and welding as that is done on the concrete driveway.


I started saving money for a new truck the day I bought my last truck. It took me a couple of years after I had the money saved to buy my current truck. It’s allot harder for me to spend money in my pocket then to sign up for a loan. Kinda weird, but true.

For me it’s a added benefit to paying cash and avoiding debt. It makes you really think long and hard about spending money when you see it go out of your account.


Yeah, the Crown’s not going over too well here in the US. In Japan, it’s a status symbol. Here, it’s got too much competition in it’s segment.

BTW, I’ve been to the Motomachi plant where the Japan Crown is built. It’s cool to see the Crown cop cars rolling through there. If you ever go to Japan, go on the tram tour there (Toyota City). It’s the only Toyota plant in Japan where you can tour.


IMO the Crown won’t last long here. It’s an awkward car that doesn’t really excel at anything their other cars don’t already do at least as well at. It’s also funny looking. Now, speaking of status symbols… I will very likely be replacing my 1991 MB 560SEL with a 2000-ish model Toyota Century in a few years. I already own one Toyota I-6 in the form of a 5-speed SC300 with 2JZ in it, will be sweet to have a sedan with two of them strapped together.


Lots of Toyota love being expressed here. I too think it is a great brand. I put just shy of 300,000 miles on my 1986 Toyota extended cab pickup (4 cyl) and 2010 Hybrid Highlander. I have had 4 different Lexus (all used). The two Lexus that were certified pre-owned were trouble free (LS-400, RX-350). I still have one of them (RX350). I consider Lexus still part of the Toyota family.


Very much so. My ‘Land Cruiser’ is a 2005 LX470 with 325k on it. Triple locked diffs, 4.88 gears, 4:1 transfer case reduction, etc. She’s a beast.

Isn’t that almost a cult of ownership when you move into the Land Cruiser? That is the ultimate of Toyota brawn meets beauty with today’s models.

I have never liked the Lexus GX400 series SUV, but will admit that I have shied away from them due to cost of purchase and very low MPG rating. They are probably a work of art in their own right.

Yes, very much so, Cruiser platform owners enjoy the knowledge that we drive the best built vehicles on Earth, and we don’t mind letting GX owners know that they drive a woman’s truck. Mine will go anywhere I point it, and I’d take it anywhere at a moment’s notice. She’s just a fantastic, capable, comfortable truck.


:rofl: :joy: :trophy: x100

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Sounds like the barn is getting crowded. I’d be happy to move these into my workshop and keep them in good running condition while you decide if you miss them :wink:

I’ve had 2 but got rid of one (LS600hl) a couple of months ago - needed a new transmission which cost more than the car was worth. The electric motor is inline with the transmission and makes everything there much more complicated. They depreciate really fast.

But I also have an SC430 hardtop convertible. That one is a kick to drive. The V8 is bigger than necessary :smiley: and it’s old-school RWD so really fun to drive “spiritedly”.

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