New/Old Dude in West Virginia

Well… yet ANOTHER new adventurer… I just ordered a new Crossfire extended table setup for my home shop. I’ve been building street rods for over 20 years, and look very much forward to learning this new craft. I’ll be lurking until my table arrives.


Hey there welcome!!
What part of West VA are you in? I am a neighbor down in the southwestern part of va.

Welcome to the forum @Cruisinthe34 !

I used to come to WV to raft and kayak when in my 30-40s. Beautiful State. The rivers were awesome.

Good luck with your new endeavor. If you haven’t picked your software yet, you’ll find most on here use either Fusion 360 (free version) or some other CAD program, and then SheetCAM or Fusion 360 for CAM. There are a lot of other choices.

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I’m in South Charleston … I travel through southwest VA a couple times a years heading to Pigeon Forge Tn


I appreciate the welcome. Never stop learning

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Welcome to the forum. You will find that there are many of us have been thru many decades of “learning” and “doing.” It keeps us young in our spirit, I believe.

And what a kick in the pants to be able to cut thru a piece of steel like it was paper! Now that is giving me an idea: cut out projects that look as if it were paper!?..Naw!..I mainly do functional things like brackets and such.

“Lurking” is what I did for the first 6 months after I got my table. I think many on this forum wish I would go back to lurking. :rofl: What can I say: I am a people person. :upside_down_face:

This seems to be the year for us “old guys” learning new things. Welcome to the group. I just ordered a pro table as well and waiting on shipping.


LOL, I’ll wager “old guys” have been learning new things for a LONG LONG time! You’re a NEW Old Guy to join the clan. Welcome.


Darned LS with these affordable machines caused us old guys to crawl back out of the recliners and try and alter some memory cells we thought were ROM!

Between LS and Primeweld I’m on learning overload. Trying to teach myself TIG and I feel like I am learning to walk all over again!

I’m soon to be 73 next month. I too am learning as much as I can on the LS front. I’m building a 63 Divco milk truck putting it on a Tahoe chassis, motoring it with a 5.3 LS. Now I’ve ordered a crossfire, austensibly to make body mounts etc. Yea RIGHT ! We shall see :slight_smile:


Good luck on your project. I remember these getting shared if you need them.

Thanks DonP

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Welcome to the forum