New MR-1 Addons

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I am still in the process of setting up MR-1 and i notice that there are a ton of new additions/changes to the machine does anyone know what all is changed in the new release? Haven’t even had it 30 days (haven’t even turned on the spindle yet haha) and it seems like all of a sudden there are a ton of new changes (new probe, new drains…)

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Yeah, tons of upgrades out in the store lately. I think yours predates the new drains, but Langmuir can tell you based on ship date. The probes just left LS for customers late last week. Basically, you should have the same unit everyone else got from last year up until April.

I would suggest you check your Z axis assembly over very closely. Mine had a backwards bearing assembly in it, and I found out the hard way that every fastener in mine was left loose. It started chattering and bouncing after a few hours of spindle time. Three of the linear bearing screws had fallen out, the other 13 were about a thread to a thread and a half loose. Even the leadnut screws were loose. The spindle motor wasnt even tight. I had to tear it all down and re-tram it. Im just hoping that the rails were tight, as i didnt pull the caps off to check.


Mine predates the new drains by days of course, I had to reverse my top bearing (couldn’t just be the bottom one of course) at least they sent out the replacement bearings for free.

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Yep, same here. I would pull your spindle cover and check the handful of the accessible bolts where the z axis plate mounts to the linear bearings. If any of them are even slightly loose, go ahead and pull the motor. Its a pain in the ass to fix it afterwards. Mine shifted so hard the side to side tram couldnt be corrected. I reached out to Langmuir but I havent heard back yet, so I indicated off the side of the carriage plate and tapped it around until it was true. All i could do was hope that the plate was square and the side was a good reference surface.

Whoever installed the bearings backwards was probably responsible for assembly, is my guess.

Thanks for the heads up on those quality escapes. We learned recently that a new employee was put on X/Z carriage spindle assembly and was bypassing our normal QC checks before packaging and shipment. So hopefully these issues should not exist on new builds, but we apologize for the inconvenience that it caused you on yours.


Is there a good diagram or video on which screws/bolts to make sure to double check? I did the bearing replacement already but if there are more that i should check then i would love to check them before I run the bed resurfacing.

In all likelihood, there shouldnt be very many that have the issue, or more people would be talking about it. Its not difficult to correct at all, just takes a little time. Daniel, no big deal – if i had a dollar for every time my techs left a bolt loose, well, id have a bunch of dollars. I would like to know if indicating on the side of the plate is sufficient for reassembly. I trammed it back in and it seems good now.

DynamicFury, if you watch the assembly video where they raise the spindle position, you can see that the bolts that go through the spindle thread in to a steel plate. That plate attaches to 4 linear bearings with 16 bolts. I think the top 4 are accessible, 2 below them are kind of accessible. Those are the bolts. Frankly, as important as they are, i would check them any time you have the spindle off. Along with the 4 spindle bolts, they absorb all the X,Y and Z loads the MR-1 generates.


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I think you and I must have had the same assembly tech - I also noticed several loose bolts (in addition to the backwards bearing we discussed in another thread)