New Michigan user in Perry

Good morning,
I just ordered a pro with a xp45. Now for the waiting. I bought it mainly to make race car parts for me and my close friends. I’m in Perry.


Welcome I am 1/2 way between GR and Kalamazoo

Nice, I’m in Lansing

Welcome, I am in Howell…

I am not anywhere near Michigan but I was born in Ohio and have visited Michigan (mushroom hunting) many times in my youth. Welcome to the forum. Since you already have a project in mind, you will learn very quickly.

hello…I’m straight North of you near Midland. I run a hypertherm 45XP and love it. I recommend starting to use your software like fusion360 free home version and learn as much as possible now about designing. It takes a while to get the hang of it.

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Thanks for the warm welcome. I have seen posts and projects from most of you. Don P, I really liked the lighted Spartan sign!

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Welcome! I am from over in Newaygo but have a ton of family in Owosso. Need any help feel free to reach out!

For you Michigan guys, where are you getting metal from? The places I used to buy used from don’t seem to do that anymore unfortunately. Any help would be appreciated.


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Lucys, in Howell Michigan. used to be “The old western wheel plant.”

New Steel:
Harbor Steel & Supply
Good Metals Company
Contractors Steel Supply

Dont use them but will list them
Alro Steel

Used steel:
GR Central Iron and Steel

bay city Alro for me

Alro Steel

Cheapest I’ve found so far is Harbor in Muskegon with a commercial account. Just went the other day and picked up 5, 12’ sticks of 3/8’s bar and a sheet of 14 ga HR for less than 100 bucks.

Thanks for the replies. The only place I have been lately is Alro and it was very pricey.

Alro is very pricey!!!

What are you running to control moisture in your air? I see motor guard filters and desiccant driers as well as refrigerated water separators. I’ve tried to search on here and have not had good luck. I have a 80 gallon 2 stage with just a water seperator and need to add something. What size motor guard filter? I see a couple of descant driers recommended. Can you dry the desiccant back out? I want to only do this once so I’m leaning on you guys in the same climate with working systems. Thanks

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This is the only thing I run

I have just recently modified my system since I was having more dross than I care to admit. I read that for any water separator to work, it needs to be about 50 feet from the tank. I had several water separators and they were upwards of 100 feet from the tank and I never saw any collection of water in them. Then I read that if the air is not cooled, it will not allow the condensation for the water to drop out. It is too early for me to say how that works. I went the whole thing with addition of cooling coils, multiple water trap filters every where I expect water to accumulate, the refrigerator air dryer, a desiccant filter (yes - the beads can be dried out again and again) and then you need some sort of a filter after the desiccant because some of those fragments can break off and damage the torch and/or consummables.

All that being said, I was cutting pretty well, basically without any real moisture control in the wet area of Washington state. You will know how much you need. But be prepared, if you have not dried your air and are upset with the cut quality, you had better dry the air, test it again. If it is still an issue: come back here after those modifications to ask how to improve the cut.

Edit: This is the desiccant filter that several recommended on this site:

And, I am using the Hypertherm 45XP on a PRO table with limit switches, and THC.


I live in mid Michigan so if you ever need anything just yell. Regulator with moisture trap, M60, and Tru-flute Dessicant. i ordered a harbor freight dryer but returned because the M60 & tru-flate did the job. i didn’t have any issues until 2 months ago and heating up workshop and it is getting cold at night started to cause issue. @ChelanJim is correct about cut quality and dry air.

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