New Crossfire Pro User with problems

If you want to have it plugged in while cutting you will need to use a ground adapter or usb isolator. I have seen recent posts from Langmuir offering to send a usb isolator.

I did a google search and it appears there are options for ground adapters running euro 220 power but I’m not personally familiar with them.

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@72Pony this mod to the MCB is supposed to take care of the interference issue completely, no chokes or running off battery. I havent done it yet personally as i just use a battery laptop anyway but one day ill do it lol. Everyone says it works tho, the newest shipment of machines will have it done already

@That_Car_Dude_Aus yea the auto restart cut is a bit of pain, it saves you but it isnt perfect. Bigger issue is finding out why your cut is dying and then you cana void that. Is it something easily reproducible or just random? if its reproducible best thing is to get a screen cap video of fire control while its running and when the issue happens, maybe we can spot something. Also keep an eye on the torch Z Axis and see if its rising until it quits firing thats usually the cause of unfinished long cuts, couple different causes buit hard to pin down without knowing exactly whats going on at the time

I have seen that mod but I don’t think it solves all of the issues of having the laptop plugged in. The THC can still get interference if the computer is sharing the same ground as the control box. Since outlets in most buildings are all grounded to the same ground in the main panel the only way to avoid this is to use a two prong non grounded plug or a ground adapter.

I purchased my table a year ago and it came with that modification already completed.

See below post from Langmuir 3 days ago.



Hey Neil,

We’re familiar with an issue that affects THC while the laptop’s charger is plugged in. The grounding circuit is pushing a small amount of voltage through your computer’s USB port, which is adding errant voltage to the THC module. You can try the following:

  1. Only use FireControl while your laptop computer is disconnected from its charging cable
  2. Replace your grounded 3-prong laptop charger with an ungrounded 2-prong laptop charger
  3. Use a USB isolator between the USB cable and USB port

The forum is an excellent resource full of helpful and knowledgeable people, but feel free to reach out to us at as well for additional support!


Hey mate,

Seems to be fairly random so I’m not exactly sure what I can do to reproduce it because my latest cut on if you get a completely done with absolutely no glitches or anything.

Now it’s just more a Fusion 360 problem of figuring out why sometimes I can get things to export fine and then other times they just don’t seem to want to export as a dxf.

Because of things export neatly as a dxf I get inside and outside profiles and I can adjust my cuts in sheetcam according to the profiles much faster.

If I have to export it is a sketch it just decides it wants to export them as one single thing with no names or anything of the profiles and I have to set up all the cuts manually.

However my second cut was for a military sign from one of my old units and I managed to get that cut out completely fine and I’ve got a mate coming around from that unit this afternoon so I will make him up one.

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Check out this video and exporting DXFs from Fusion 360


Yeah I have watched a few.

Sometimes Fusion just chucks an absolute fit when I go to export things.

Move text 0.1mm or adjust the text size and suddenly it’s happy

Thought I’m probably going to be doing more car parts than text, so that’s a relief.

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