New Crossfire Pro Owner

Hi, my UPS tracking is saying my table will be here tomorrow, Crossfire Pro with the THC. I am located in Langley BC, just outside of Vancouver

Excited to get it up up and running. I work with SolidWorks and program CNC machines as part of my day work, and picked up SheetCam for posting to the Crossfire Pro.

I am sure I will have some questions once I start assembling… currently just watching videos on the machine and reading everything I can here.

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another fellow Canadian into the mix…love it…just love it…

welcome…and have fun…any questions just ask us…

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Yes actually my co.puter in mach 3 keeps saying no rnr motion card found please help

whaich table do you have and when did you purchase it? if really new, then you gotta use firecontrol… If over a year old 2x2 crossfire then it uses mach3.

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Welcome just received last package of my Pro Friday. Still have yet to put it together.

Slowly getting it assembled. Been super busy with work. I welded the water table up and have started making a base for it with a shelf and caster, plus a steady rest for larger sheets.

Question for you regarding welding the water table… were there any warpage issues?

When I did mine…
I bolted the two sides together…no adhesives or glue…cleaned the flanges well
fastened them to the table as instructions indicate…
put about 1/4" of water in each pan…
TIG melted/fused the seams between the flange bolts…then removed the flange bolts and finished welding it…
filled it with water and ran a high pressure air gun along the underside of the seam to check for air bubbles…
had to touch up a couple of points…but other than that…
zero warpage…zero leaks

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3M 5200 fast cure. It won’t leak and will never come apart! again.
Only have to seen it in white. Even the fast cure takes 24hrs to cure.

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I was doing a couple of practice runs on some scrap stainless I was able to mock up to simulate the weld. Looks like I will have to notch out the bolt holes some from a “U” to more of a “V”. Do you see any drawbacks to that?

Check this thread… I didn’t V it out like this and still had good results. Certainly will make it easier:

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