New Crossfire Pro Owner

Hi, my UPS tracking is saying my table will be here tomorrow, Crossfire Pro with the THC. I am located in Langley BC, just outside of Vancouver

Excited to get it up up and running. I work with SolidWorks and program CNC machines as part of my day work, and picked up SheetCam for posting to the Crossfire Pro.

I am sure I will have some questions once I start assembling… currently just watching videos on the machine and reading everything I can here.

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another fellow Canadian into the mix…love it…just love it…

welcome…and have fun…any questions just ask us…

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Yes actually my co.puter in mach 3 keeps saying no rnr motion card found please help

whaich table do you have and when did you purchase it? if really new, then you gotta use firecontrol… If over a year old 2x2 crossfire then it uses mach3.

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Welcome just received last package of my Pro Friday. Still have yet to put it together.