New crossfire owner from CT/ got a question!

@ctgolfer is in East Hartford, I’m just Northwest of Hartford.

I’m in north east Connecticut myself

northeast ct here also

Nice to see a good amount of local people on here . Anyone using a hypertherm ?? I can jog my machine but it won’t fire the torch on Mach 3 but if I press the trigger it fires

I don’t have a hypertherm…just the cut45 but did you wire the torch fire signal correctly?? There is a write up on the site on how to make sure you get the connection right.

I have the Hypertherm 45 with machine torch so mine is connected via the CPC port. (Right now just 2 wires but I think I’ll need to add something for the Pro divider signal when that arrives in January.)

There was a upgrade package that adds a output plug to the back so I found pins that fit and put them on the supplied cable with the cross fire . Double checked I’m using the correct ports

I have mine connected with the two wires via that port as well but it only fires from the trigger , checked with a multi meter and I got nothing at those wires .

Then it’s likely your wiring. Are you sure you have good connections an the right wires? I can check which pins I used on my CPC port if you think your wiring & pins are correct.

Here’s the post I started with (but I have a machine torch so modified my control box to CPC port cable accordingly).

It’s plug in connections to a board so I don’t think I can screw that up. From what I saw it’s pins 3 and 4 for the torch start on the plug. I’ll double check everything and look through the tread you started . Thanks!

I think that’s right but I remember having to double-check my plug to make sure I was getting the right pins.

I used the parts in that linked post from Amazon for the connector to the port - and I had extra pins etc that now I’ll need again to add support for the divider signal but I can’t for the life of me figure out what I did with the spares :blush:

I bought a long cable with the barrel connector for the Crossfire end and cut the other end off to use for the CPC port connector.

Looking at your tread , hypertherm sells a kit to had a CPC port with everything pinned , small circuit board , internal ground wire and everything . All I had to do was plug two 3-4 pin connectors to the main board attach the ground and close up the machine after securing everything down. It’s a “upgrade kit” for the powermax 65/85 it seems

My Hypertherm 45 had a CPC port and I’m using a machine torch so all I needed was the cable from the Crossfire to the port. Hypertherm sells two versions of the cable - with & without the divider. Since I didn’t have THC I just needed the without divider cable but it’s $75 from Hypertherm. Much as I love them I don’t love them that much for a wire & plastic plug that cost me under $20 all in :blush: So I made my own connector wire.

I didn’t realize you had to add the port as well. Having it already in the machine & a machine torch made things far simpler.

Are you using a machine torch on yours?

The normal torch that came with it

Hmmm … I think there’s a safety in the Hypertherm that won’t let the hand torch fire if the CPC port is connected and vice versa where you can’t fire the machine torch if the CPC is not connected. That may be your issue.

I have to find my manual to be sure that’s the case. If it is then you’ll need to wire the handheld torch vs using the CPC like people do for plasma cutters without the machine torch/CPC port option.

Damn really ? Figured this would be my best bet using the port that it OEM vs splicing in

I have a hypertherm 65 I had to Insulate the plasma cutter from the table because of the high frequency from the hypertherm it will interfere with the table working right

Interesting and didn’t think of that . How far did you have to move it ?

It’s about feet away

Mine almost under the box so I’ll have to try that , how is your torch wired ?