New Crossfire Owner - First impressions

I have to say, for it being the most affordable unit on the market, it does NOT disappoint. Building the table was a bit tedious, but that’s
because I was trying to read the instructions off my phone. I printed out a copy on 11 x 17 and I quickly made progress. I suggest you do the same.

I would strongly advise others to spend the extra time in making sure everything is square. You’ll thank yourself later. Also, understand what you are buying and that there may be some hiccups along the way. In my case, one of the braces was not fully drilled through. But that took all of 15 seconds to address. I also had a thread that wasnt fully tapped. Again, a few seconds and it was fine. These are not complaints either.

The software was straightforward and very easy to learn. My first cuts were ok but not amazing. After a few minutes of digging through these forums I came up with settings that produced amazing quality and nearly no dross. Every cut after that has been flawless.

I was able to sell 3 jobs immediately and the machine has already paid for itself. I haven’t even changed the first consumables yet lol.

Great job Langmuir. I am super happy with this purchase. This is a game changer for guys like me who have been using hand tools forever. Take a look at my first job. 1/4" mild steel panels for an interactive display at a retail store.