Nesting 1/4" stock HT sync 65

Hey any inputs on this nesting? It’s understood we need to look at lead in to insure we don’t pierce adjoining parts. Is 3/16’ a good gap for manual nesting adjacent parts on 1/4"stock. We did some initial tests and the remnant ribs warp but they are scrap anyway . K

Just FY I this 1/4 sheet landed at $275 1/4x 48 x96 in NC, Picked up with on our trailer 30 miles out, landed as 49" mill width.

How much of a lead in and out are you doing? I nest parts out on 1/4 plate about 3/16 or .180 . My parts have a good radius in the corners so that gives me plenty room for leads.

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Not sure I think when I run the sheet cam tool it will show me if I am piercing where I don’t want to . Haven’t applied the cut tool yet. maxed at my other job.

Thanks for chiming in .

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The skeleton will warp you certainly need to plan for that. I get about 500 parts out of a 4x8. The skeleton will sometimes raise up several inches.

Thanks , Maybe leave 1/4 scrap between parts nesting on 1/4’ stock? HT 65 sync.

I would look at like this. If you leave a 1/4 between and have no problems or scrapped parts you will feel much better than if you leave 3/16 and have the opposite. my 2 cents


Thanks for Inputs. So shoot for 1/4 scrap /gap in sheet cam between parts as the kerf X2 eats that as well.

1/8" kerf?

Thanks we will run this nest space gap at 1/4 gaps to start . Thanks for inputs we still haven’t loaded a sheet cam cut tool for HT 65 Sync. for 1/4" mild steel so you can tell we are newbies.

We concluded we could be at 1/8 spacing Accounting for Kerf ( shown in sheet cam). Virtually no vertical warp on 1/4" in our last run.


Well you’re not gonna get much for that piece when you return it for scrap!

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Did you nest that in Sheetcam? looks very good

Yes Sheetcam manual nest. Get one of each part in and apply your tool set and get start points and lead ins dialed in the way you want 1st then duplicate parts.


Working on some splash guards when running these full sheets. Probably start a new thread as it may be in depth & relating to avoiding splash into the Z axis as well. Potential redesign or additions to the existing plastic guard. Keep safe and get onto those tasks!


Some interesting skeleton bits. With some cut off wheel work we see some cool common shapes usable for weld art. Interesting thought to imply when nesting.

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Would like to see what you come up

Whatcha making?

Did you do that burn at 65 amps or 45?? Curious about duty cycle of the 65 sync.