Needing help please

Need a lil help please i am selecting all the contour to cut but keep getting alarms coming up and it will not cut everything i select. what could i be doing wrong. when i simulate thats what is happening, any help is appreciated thanks

Chances are your cuts are more narrow then the kerf you set. If you set a .035 kerf for your tool and tell it to cut a .060 line it will not do it and end in error.
Same with circles. Lead in and lead outside can screw up circles.
Other, smarter guys will be by to help soon.

thanks for the help i will check that out anyways

This topic is discussed extensively in other posts.
Did you test cut your material first to get all your settings?

First response was correct. Most likely your setup can’t cut your contours do to some type of constraint issue,
I’ve run test cuts on every thickness of material before I cut or design.
I get the real time kerf width because I measure it on the cuts.
Then in my design software which is INKSCAPE for me, I create a :o: circle the size of my known kerf width…
Once my design is finished I run this circle all around the tight & close contours to make sure the torch can do the cut.
Once in FUSION you need to remember this kerf when your setting up your lead ins and lead outs and pierce clearances as they all add up together. You can quickly run out of room and your set up can’t make the cuts due to constraints.

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