Need recommendation on a Plasma cutter

I’m ready to order a crossfire Pro. I’m hesitating because I want to be sure I get the right plasma cutter.
I will be cutting mostly 1/2 mild steel flange in a variety of shapes. All about 6 inch across. All have a 2-1/2 hole in them plus several other smaller holes and/or slots, usually 1/2" diameter to 5/8". Therefore, I will need to pierce a lot.
I make ~4,000 pieces/year. So - is the Razorweld 45 up to this task or should I be considering a Miller, Hobart or something else? I’d get a Hypertherm 85 but there SO expensive.

I’m leaning toward starting with the Razorweld just because I won’t need to worry about wiring. I don’t care about speed but I do care about cut quality and post cut slag & dross clean-up.

Any advice is much appreciated.

If your focus is making lots of half inch parts and you plan on piercing it all .I would go with big power source.

My top pick would definitely be a
hypertherm powermax 85.

There is not another single phase power source that would come even close to it on every measurable Matrix.

And if you’re running thick material a big power supply is a must or you’re going to be running into duty cycle issues.

I think my second choice would be an

everlast 82I


everlast 102I

Beyond this the only other considerations I would make would be a

Miller 875

Or a

thermodynamics 62IX
( I’ve never owned one of these machines but I read a lot about it and watched a lot about it and it seems like a total Beast) and it looks like @Macguyver has a fix for the live voltage now too.


Thanks for all of the quick replies. Where is the Everlast machine made? I am not familiar with this brand.

All plasma cutters are made with Asian parts. Some are assembled in the USA like Miller and Hypertherm. Lincoln is assembled in Mexico with Asian parts. Thermal Dynamics/Easb are made in China and all the others like Everlast, Primeweld, Lotos, Harbor Freight, etc. HTP plasma cutters are made in Italy with Asian parts.

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If the kerf with the new Hypertherm consumables is really half as thick as old style consumables, that might be a consideration worth thinking about too.


Actually, Thermal Dynamics/Esab are made in Mexico (probably with asian parts) but not made in China. And the 60i is a beast! I choose it because it matched the XR’s capabilities.

I don’t have problem with Asian sourced parts from Japan, s. Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan etc. I try to avoid chinese when I can. It’s not always possible.

There is really no way around it, unless you make it yourself. Then you really don’t know were the material came from anyway. You get your parts from a warehouse, were do they get it from. Its a never ending thing.

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I was just browsing Thermo Dynamics site. Looks like the 60i easy capable of piercing and cutting 1/2 inch mild steel.

Is it plug and play with the CrossFire Pro Table?

Yes, with the Automation Interface kit (PN 9-8308) installed in the 60i and the Hypertherm plug and play cable the Langmuir sells. 1 modification need to be done to the the connection between the plasma cutter and the VIM. In the 14 pin CPC plug the divided voltage needs the be routed thru the “OK to Move” relay. I’m working on detailed post for doing the mod. It is simple with the right tools and parts. I’m trying to chase down a supplier for the male pin connectors that are used in the plug.

I am very happy with my HTP MIG welder… They also have a very nice CNC plasma cutter: 45 amps, with 100% duty cycle

The crossfire pro is only rated to a 45amp plasma cutter. I have the Hypertherm 45 and it cuts like a dream. I haven’t cut any 1/2" but the book says it will handle 1/2" steel on a CNC machine. I have cut 1/4" steel and it cuts great.

Where is this information from?

Their plasma cutter compatibility list is populated with many plasma cutters rated above 45 amps.

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@TinWhisperer is exactly right - the highest amperage plasma cutter listed on our compatible plasma cutters page is 125A. There is no maximum cutting amperage for the CrossFire PRO.

You can find compatible plasma cutters here: Plasma Cutter | Langmuir Systems

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What’s more expensive, down time or arc on time? What makes money, down time or arc on time?

The way I look at it, is you know already that you’re making 4,000 of said parts a year, so this isn’t a hobby. Knowing that you’re selling said parts, means you know there’s revenue coming in and there’s a profit being made. Assuming $1 from every part goes towards the machine, in one year, at that rate, the machine pays for itself. Say $2/part goes towards the machine, that’s a 6 month pay off. At $5/part going towards machine overhead, pays the machine off in 800 parts.

I use my machine to make me and my business money, I don’t want to worry about machine down time. I turn my 45xp on and every single time it does what it’s supposed to and has since the day I bought it, both on and off the table, to say mine gets a workout would be an understatement.

Plus Hypertherm machines are the most efficient machines on the market, along with having the most superior nozzle/consumables design in the industry or air plasma. That’s another thing to look at, consumable life. Say you buy a $2,000 plasma that hogs through consumables, you’ll surpass the savings with having to replace consumables more often, ESPECIALLY if you’re piercing 1/2” all the time, even with a wiggle start. Not all cheap tools are bad and the cheaper plasmas will likely work fine, but when they shit the bed in the middle of a job, where a good machine would just keep chugging, your profit making comes to a halt.

Just spend the money on the Hypertherm and go make money and thank me later. You’ll learn really quickly, these machines have an incredible return in investment, keep it busy and it will pay for itself many many times over, mine sure has. The table itself is super basic, the real magic happens in the plasma cutter.


I bought an HTP MicroCut 875SC v2 last fall and could not be happier with the performance at that price point. Consumables seem to last a long time, are readily available from HTP, and are reasonably priced. I have not had any super long 45amp burns to test the duty cycle but 40 minute cuts at 45 amps have been great.

  • Disclaimer my only other point of reference is a TD Cutmaster 42 with hand torch which cut ok but the unshielded torch ate consumables and the consumables were expensive.

While the system might have no Amp limit, the table has a weight limit. If your cutter will handle the duty cycle of cutting a full sheet of your parts, there’s no need to buy more amperage. You have to stop, remove parts and load a new sheet (I precut my full sheets as I take them off my trailer to make handling/ storing easier) which should give it the rest it needs. My guess is a full 3x4 sheet of 1/2” is near the limit for the table so a machine that can cut 7/8” is almost pointless. It certainly doesn’t feel strong enough for more weight.

My biggest peeve so far is the table doesn’t cut the size it’s called. It shouldn’t have 3’x4’ listed since it won’t cut 48”. Can’t tell you how frustrating that has been to design around. I find small bolts coming loose all the time (I loctite them in now) and the flimsy exposed wiring going into the motors worries me constantly. The drain plug holes should have been dimpled to allow full drainage too.
But so far, with a Hypertherm 45XP I’ve managed to cut a variety and volume of steel parts just fine. Aluminum OTOH is a nightmare. THAT is a good reason to bump up to a bigger cutter for sure. It’s basically pointless to try over 2mm with 45A.

What do you find to be you max X? I can move 48.2" in X and 33.2" in Y. I could definitely see being bummed if you couldn’t cut a full 48" long part.

You may need to index the heads of the bolts the bearing block bumps up against for the X. If you turn them so a flat is facing the block you will maximize your axis travel.


1" plate weight 40.8 lbs per square foot @ 3’x4’ ( 12 sq ft ) + 489.6 lbs so the weight limit must be equal to or greater then this

Its should cut over 48" mine does.

Clip from the order page
lf pro table specs 2 dia

this is a huge red flag. What bolts are coming loose?

Any else out there having bolts coming loose?

a lot of people on here use cable chain on there Pros. Myself I’ve only removed the electronic enclosure from the machine and extending the X motor cable. I have run my machine quite a lot and had no issues with the cabling.

you are definably having an issue with your setup if this is the case. The 45XP should be able to mow through aluminum no problem.

Are you attaching the ground to the material?

Awesome advise!

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@Skookum you must be a AvE fan or you live in British Columbia.

Here’s a link for anyone else who doesn’t know who AvE is.