Need help with start point

How can I prevent this in future?

Looks like the cut may be on the wrong side

I don’t follow? Could you explain further?

What is the cut direction on your part? In cam it is dictated by the arrow when you are selecting what your wanting to cut out on your part

You have no lead-in distance set. That means it will start on the cut line it calculates for the part itself.

On critical items I add and extra point to my drawings outside the outer edge and tell cam to use this as the start point. I also make sure my lead in / out is big enough to get the pierce point away from my outer lines. If I’m starting on a rounded corner or a circular profile I make sure to have a large lead in / out radius set too. It helps to keep the time the torch is in a groove that has already been cut done to a minimum.

Your lead in distance should be .1 or .15 or it will start right on the cut line.