Need help with closing lines

I’m trying to extrude the offset but it chooses the face. I’m new to fusion 360 and wondering if anyone can help me out with this. The letter a extrudes the outer offset fine but when I go to extrude the inner offset it will let me do some of it but the rest will highlight the face. Any way I can fix this? This is happening to me on some other letters as well. Thank you.

I’m not 100% sure of what you are trying to do, but if I understand the question, the center closed loop in the letter “a” is refusing to extrude…?

Just going by your title, it seems you feel like you have an open loop to find.

Two best ways I know are:

  • Click on a segment of the feature you think is not closed. Then, hold down Ctrl key and double click. All of the attached segments will be selected. Often then you can see where the selecting of segments stops, there is a gap.

  • Go to the 7:30 minute mark and watch Tyler Beck use the “line method”
    The Ultimate Fusion 360 Sketch Video (44 Strategies & Tips) - YouTube

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I’m not a Fusion user, but I can tell from the standpoint of toolpaths, that will never work. All of your letters are individual letters that overlap each other. You need to join them together as a continuous path. I believe you can do that in Fusion by trimming the overlapping line segments. Perhaps a Fusion user will chime in with the correct way to combine those letters.

Post your F3D file or share a link to the file.

Lots of overlapping lines there.

Looks like you a creating a bunch different bodies by using the "new body instead of “join” in the extruded menu .