Need help troubleshooting cuts

I am trying to make a portable fire pit/grill. I bought the files off Etsy. There are 2 slots in the corners of the side plates to allow the other pieces to fit in. I cut out 2 side plates and am having the same problem with both. the slot in the upper left is the correct width, the upper right slot is about 1/2 what is should be. If you look close at the picture in the corner it almost looks like the torch started in the right spot and then fell too far inwards. Both cuts are set up as outside cuts moving clockwise in sheet cam. Any ideas why this is happening?

if you bought the file off Etsy…did you check all the file for accurate lines and nodes?
what are you suing for post processing?

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using sheetcam. All segments and nodes look good and symmetrical. could it be a setting I have in my tool for sheetcam. ?like slowing down for certain radius corners?

there you go…trouble shooting…
but if that was the case…all the corners would be messed up right?
lead in / lead out point?

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Its either in the file or your couplers are slipping. Post a pic of the sheetcam cut paths.

if this was the case I think we might be seeing more problems on the cutting…

but I agree…if we could see screeenshot of that corner in sheetcam

Ok, so I don’t think it is the program. I flipped the pattern 90 degrees and recut it. The exact same thing happened but on the other corner now! The right side corner is perfect but the left did the same. So it must be the machine, something slipping. I looked at the cuts that were bad and here are the direction changes which caused the bad cuts. First time machine was moving Y- and abruptly changing to X- , Y+. Second time Y+ to X+,Y-. The good cuts were X+ to Y-,X- and X+ to Y-,X-… If that makes sense. So I think my Y axis may be slipping. It is moving at 130ipm prior to this abrupt change. The couplers seem tight, I don’t want to strip them. Is there a torque setting for them?

130ipm?…seems fast for thick metal…
check your couplers by putting a piece of tape or a mark on each the shaft of the motor and the screw…see if they change