My MR-1 Build (Warforged)

Well, It arrived. :+1:

I came home from traveling to find this box sitting in my driveway.
Took about a week from the day I placed the order.

I will break the box down this weekend and start checking it out.
I ordered everything Langmuir offers for the MR-1 including 3 higher rated drivers, 2 vices and all their associated components and doubled up on every bit on the site.
There is one thing I didn’t buy. The coolant. I’m going a different route.

The timing sucks because I have about 2 more months of traveling Monday-Friday every week so, the weekends will be the only time I can start building it.
I got home a day early this week because the training went well and the class was small. I was able to cover the syllabus quicker than normal.

I’m going to take advantage of my begrudgingly slow start by forcing myself to think of it as an opportunity.
There’s a ton of great information here and I plan on highly modifying my build.
Time will allow me to read all of the other awesome builds an choose my mods based off of what everyone else has learned and done.

I have 6 items I will be looking at first.

  • Frame support.
    • This is not limited to the legs. I will be looking at the base support as well.
  • Mobility/Wheels.
    • The ability to use a pallet jack, much more robust wheels and leveling feet.
  • Tool box and Side Covers.
    • I will add a toolbox as others have and I will be adding removable side covers.
  • Concrete vs Epoxy Granite/Mineral Casting, Al2O3 Epoxy .
  • Drainage.
    • Bigger drains, filters and improved locations.
  • Wire management.
    • I don’t want the lines draped over anything.

The above will be finalized before I start the assembly.
Lighting, enclosure mods, fixturing, electronics and much more to follow.
I’m open to and welcome all suggestions, comments and positive criticism.

~ Mike