My machine makes this binding noise and doesn't move only at the left side of the x axis. How do I fix this? Is it from a bent axis screw? I can't seem to fix it even with wd-40

#1 Have you checked the motor coupler? #2 Have you checked the guide bearings? When I assembled my table I had the same problem. The tube isn’t flat. I found that when I moved the carriage from end to end before I installed the ball screw that it would bind in a couple of different spots. I adjusted the bearings so it would move freely across the tube. The bearings may be too tight in that spot?

The tube prob isn’t flat because there were 2 damaged tubes in the box it came in I believe and the tube has some scratches on it. prob got bent a little bit and didn’t notice it.

I think that Langmuir uses a standard tube with a small tolerance for flatness, twist and bow. The tube isn’t machined. I believe it has a Zinc coating on it? You will have to remove the bracket that holds the ball nut to the carriage so you can move it back and forth to check for flatness, and re-adjust the bearings. Did you contact Langmuir about the damaged tubes? They are pretty good at replacing damaged parts. Contact support and send a picture of the bad parts.

Yes I did, they sent new tubes. There was a 2 inch dent in them…

OUCH! That hurts!!

it’s definitely bent. Same parts same orientation they were cut out…one was just flipped. 1/8" gap in the middle.

Now think of this, 1 side is sheared with almost no stress in it, then you cut 1 side with heat so some warping/pulling will happen, do you think that is the issue? .060 warpover 24 inches isn’t bad in my book

Yeah the gap is about 1/8" or .125. yeah with the heat I guess it’s not too bad. For .060 on each part.