My interior door plexi, center gap seal solution

So I’ve been working through a couple different revisions of a solution to the interior door plexiglass covers and believe this last rev is working/looking pretty good.

I personally wasn’t a fan of the magnet solution since I knew it would eventually capture a shaving and then I would of course wipe it across the plexi scratching it. So I replaced 4 of the nut&button-head combos with 10-24 rivnuts / nutserts on each door for easy removal and secure installation.

I also designed the left door plexi with an offset lip to cover the center door gap when closed. I went with .177" plexi to make sure it was not only sturdy enough to easily open both doors if I didn’t open them in the proper “sequence”, but also thick enough to be able to recess the mounting grommets into the panels for the next feature.

I counter bored the grommets in the panel to keep the grommets flush on the surface and then to also provide a small space between the panels and the doors. This keeps any coolant from wicking up in between and allows it to drip completely clear of the doors during use.

If anyone’s interested, or think these might work for their machines, I can cut these for folks or otherwise would be happy to provide the fusion files if anyone would like to DIY or modify to suit.


Could set these up with a stop at one end and cut half and then flip for the other side on the MR-1.

Hello! I would love to get my hands on those files you made for this mod.

Sure thing, I’ve posted them here Fireshare Link