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Greetings, Just started cutting on the xfire Pro with a new Hypertherm Xp. I do not know how to turn the post flow on the xp off when it is done. It eventually goes off but as it sits in place it just blows air into the location of the last cut.

Is there a button in fire control that I am not seeing that will turn this off? (I think I’ve hit everything on the screen)

If could add some commands to the code to raise z, then move to an x,y position that is over a portion that is uncut. But I would prefer not to have to do that for each part.


I don’t think there is any function in Firecontrol, but you could always add a point or short cut to the end of your program before G-Code is created. In Fusion 360 at least, you can select that as the last cut and check the “Preserve Order” box when setting up you cutting path.

I usually just manually jog away from the last cut to prevent the splashing.


You need that post flow to cool the torch, you don’t want to turn it off. I do the same thing as Bret and jog the torch.


Ok, that makes sense about cooling the torch and creating something to get the nozzle to move. Thanks.

I always make sure I am in continuous mode and 300 ipm before I start the program so I can jog it over as soon as it finishes. You can also add one of those collapsible funnels or bowls as a splash guard.


One person suggested sliding a piece of scrap metal under the torch. I tried this a few times and it works fine. But like Knick and Eric, I have now become more instinctive with just moving the torch with either my keyboard or my Bluetooth keypad.

As Knick states, DO NOT cut off the air as you will eventually damage your torch $$$ :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Good suggestions. Thank you. I am using Sheetcam. The developer suggested to use the"Park Option" in Sheetcam. Turn it on in “operations” Assign it an x,y value.

I have a few cnc machines and every so often I have to edit the gcode. I haven’t checked with this yet but I expect it is similar. I think it would be something like G0 X3, Y12, Z2 at the end of the part of the code for cutting.

If the park comman does it and I can do it while creating the tool path in Sheetcam with a visual of where the rest of the parts are located on the table I think this will work the best for me to begin with.


Sheetcam strikes again! Great program, great features. :clap:

Fusion 360 may have a “park” feature or will have it eventually…I hope!

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Just tap the trigger when its done.

what trigger?

Did i miss the part where youre using the machine torch?

Oh ya I forget the other tables use a hand torch, Whooops

The post processor in the fusion 360 program usually allows one to set up a front-end and back-end G-code set of instructions that allows you to customize how you want your programs start and end.
I don’t recommend that you change the cooling air flow, but if you want your system to do a special dance before and after your project cuts, it is at your bidding. The only thing is that it must be in G-code.
Good luck.

Curious. What line of G-Code would I add to affect my post flow time?

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I doubt that the post flow on the plasma cutter I have, new Powermax 45XP, can be controlled with Langmuir’s software. I think in order for these things to play well with each other they have to have their boundaries.

For what it is worth to anyone reading this, Sheetcam handled this very easily. That is, to jog the torch to an x,y,z coordinate as soon as it finishes the last cut. During this travel the post flow is doing its thing. It is pretty simple to set it up the torch to follow a path over uncut material from where it last made a cut. It was not necessary for me to get in and add code. Saves plenty of time.

If I did not have a version of Solidworks, 2014 I would likely be looking at Fusion 360. But even then, I believe that $150 for Sheetcam would still be worth it.

Thanks for the input.

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Curious. What line of G-Code would I add to affect my post flow time?
G-codes vary depending on the CNC that you use. I use Mach3 so anything I give you may be slightly different. I use a G-code of G4 which is DWELL, like G4 P0.5 (half second delay). It is in seconds and accepts values less than one but not negative. Before or after, the dwell, and on a different text line, you can turn ON or OFF cooling using an M code. Usually M08 - Coolant on , or M09 - Coolant off.

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have you tried that to control post flow on a plasma cutter?

As I wrote, G-codes and M-codes are fairly standard. If a coolant/air flow can be turned ON and OFF by command, there is an M-code to do it. You just need to discover what it is. One good way to discover this is to look at the G-code from one of your projects. If the project is turning it ON & OFF, there will be a code for it. It might be on the same line as some other actions, but it can stand alone. The ON command will definitely be near where the cutting begins, and single stepping through the project will show you where.

Totally agree. If you interrupt the cooling of the torch, you are jeopardizing your torch.

I see that the OP has found the “park” feature in SheetCAM that is serving a purpose to limit this nuisance caused by the post flow of air.

We never have to tell the cutter to start the “cooling”. M3 tells the torch to turn on and the cutter automatically starts the air flow for cooling (since it is also used for the ‘cutting’ effort). M5 tells the torch to turn off and that turns off the plasma stream but the air flow continues for about 30 seconds and then the cutter shuts off the air automatically.


Correct me if I am wrong but post flow on a plasma cutter is controlled by the plasma cutter itself, no g-code. On with ignition and off with a timer in the cutter.