Multiple segments into one

Im very new to fusion and the plasma table world. Ive got the XR and have cut some simple things and am ready to move on too more complex signs. My biggest problem is trying to select the contours in the manufacturing tab. Ive researched around and tried to find the “sketch check” add on but autodesk says it cannot find it. Does anyone have any ideas or better methods of fixing the multiple contour segments?

Congratulations and welcome to the Forum. Awesome to start up slow and simple, builds up those foundational skills.

Are you selecting contours from a sketch or from a body? My preference is to select contours from a body.

sketch checker app has less than a 50% chance of fixing your sketch or finding the issue. I believe they’ve unpublished that app it never worked very well to begin with.

There is several methods depending on what the error actually is. The divide and conquer method is one very successful method for finding broken lines. I recently did a live stream that talks about it a little bit.

If you could post your Fusion 360 f3d file, the DXF which has the error or share a link to your Fusion 360 file. If I could look at your specific problem more in-depthly.

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Ill have to get back to my laptop today before i can upload any pictures. But i dont think i explained my issue very well. When i go to select the cut contour of the design, some outlines select as one continuous line but others are made up of SEVERAL tiny segments. Ive spent more hours than i care to admit reading and trying different things but cannot figure it out.


Morning Bryce… See if reading through this old post of mine doesn’t help you out…


Awesome ill give that a try as soon as i can. I appreciate the advice


I know in the post I referenced above it was an incomplete outline of a tree that was showing up as segments (an open contour). IF it is what is supposed to be a closed contour that you are having trouble with, and you’re not getting the whole thing in one go, possibly an open corner or something of that nature. In F360 I think it’s almost 100% necessary to extrude your sketch before moving on to CAM…

I am going to look at this topic on the live stream. 445 am mst

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