MR1 wont jog, only in negative direction

Machine will only jog in the negative direction no matter what button is hit on the keyboard or on the MIDI.

For all direction or just Y?

Try turning off soft limit switches.

Turned off soft limit switches no luck,
Having issue in all axis

No warning messages? Double check that all servos are connected to the correct port at the control box? Does cut control showing the machine dro is moving in the correct direction? You may try disconnecting both Y and the Z servo than see if x will move correctly?

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No warning message, the DRO will show a positive value if i hit X+ and the subtract if i hit X- but the actual machine will only jog left no matter what i hit. Check all connections no loose wires

Sounds like some internal wiring might be wrong. Did you upgrade any of the stepper driver? Would also again suggest trying unplugging everything save for the X stepper and see if it will operate correctly? Would also get and email started to tech support from Langmuir.

No upgrade straight from Langmuir, i did unplug all except for X as you suggested earlier but no luck same issue. I did get an email to tech support started but figure with holiday it will be some time before they get to me

Most likely some wiring is wrong inside the control box. Can you open the box and take a picture of the connection? You can also use the stepper driver upgrade steps from the assembly guide. Found between steps 9 and 10

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Uploading: image.jpg…
Verified all wiring based off pictures in guide and everything is ok, also traced all step and direction wires from drivers to controller everything matches pin lables on controller. Removed all connections to drives and verified wires are in and tight. Check voltage at all drivers and is good. Starting to think the board is the issue.