MR1 Updates for Jan-Mar 2024?

Did everyone get the email about the updates for the MR1 a while back? It said they were looking at January for waterproof limit switches, coolant washdown kit, improved coolant locline mount, collet wrench holder, and improved tool storage. They also had a remote E-stop kit, tool setter riser, and some vise upgrades for February. Inner door window kit and jog holder for March.

I haven’t done my build yet (working on a custom base now) so I’m wondering if some of those will be available before I really get into my build. I haven’t seen anything for the January ones yet so just wondering if anyone has heard anything through talking with support. Anyone heard anything?

I’m mainly hoping for the limit switches, locline mount, E-stop kit, and inner door window kit. I know there are custom solutions for these but I’m hoping it will be quicker / easier, depending on the price.

I wouldn’t hold up your build for these things. All of these are pretty trivial to swap after the machine is assembled.

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Agreed, I won’t hold it up. Just wondering if the timing will work out so I don’t have to redo work or do the custom work arounds if I don’t want to wait. :slight_smile:

E-Stop is trivial to move and you can basically buy a “kit” with an estop box (dozens of options on Amazon from $10 to $30) and some GX12 connectors from Amazon ($10). The 3 rubber plugs on the control cabinet cover holes for GX12 connectors. Just wire the switch as normally closed and wire it into the same two leads that go to the e-stop on the cabinet. If you want both to work then wire them in series.

I do recommend doing the e-stop right away, it’s a big safety item and I think the stock location is unsafe.

Try the stock homing switches first, they worked fine for me for a year.

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Specific shopping list for an e-stop kit:

You can use any method that you like to connect the two existing e-stop wires to the pigtail on the first item (Wago 221 connectors are safe and don’t require soldering).


True, I will do that if it’s not available (or more expensive) and thanks for the shopping list. That makes it extra easy.

I bought 2 estop switches off of Amazon and hooked one up in series with the main control estop and the other in series with the servo drive enable line to allow me to turn off the spindle during tool changes without losing connection to cut control.

Interesting… is there much of a risk to the spindle moving during a tool change when you aren’t running it?

The only thing standing between your hands and a 3.4hp spindle is a windows application… I just can’t personally trust it.