MR1 screen on and off

I am to the point where I am running the spindle breakin program. I ran the program, and immediately the screen starts to ON and OFF. On for about 8 to 15 seconds, off for about 2 to 7 seconds.

Seems to blink less if I watch the screen!

Has anybody seen this behavior?


Mine turns off when starting a program sometimes. Weird and scary

Here’s an update. I manually turned the spindle on at different speeds. At certain speeds (500 and less) the screen would blank out when the spindle is started. at 6500, the screen would blank out when the spindle was turned off.

That tells me it is some kind of power quality, or power sensitivity, probably at the screen.

I then plugged the screen into a different outlet. Now it does not go out, at any spindle speed.

So, thats odd. I would like to be able to plug the entire machine into a single outlet (not including the spindle,which is 240VAC). So I will try a ISOBAR transient supressor and see if that helps.

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Let us know what you uncover. I ran a dedicated 20a circuit for the 110vac power on my mr1. The machine is plug directly into the receptacle and so is the power strip running the computer. I have this issue when I start a program which makes things VERY scary when testing a new program because there is no access to the emergency switch (what was langmuir thinking!!?)

The first modification that I made to my MR1 was adding in a second e-stop that is mounted on the front of the machine. I can make a how-to if it’s helpful. The change is pretty obvious, the e-stop is wired as normally closed and you can just add a second e-stop in series. If either is pressed in then it will be in stop.

I run my PC and driver box on the same circuit, but Langmuir’s manual does recommend splitting them.

Also make sure that you are using their USB cable with the ferrites on each end.


Yes I am using their supplied cable for that. I’m a EE, so am familiar with them, sometimes we call them prayer beads, due to the fact that they may or may not work. It’s kind of a stop gap or bandaid, trying to cover over an initial design problem.

I have a really nice surge protector (ISOBAR) somewhere, I am looking for it now!

Ill take the how-to when you get one written up…

so i was using laptop with the touch screen and had to add a hdmi powered booster and all is good. not sure if that will help anyone but hopefully.