MR1 Leadtime for New Orders

Leadtime for the MR1 states 4-5 weeks. How realistic is that for those who have ordered lets say this year? Anyone order in January and recently received their machine?



I ordered late december and got mine last week

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Ordered December 17th, machine ready on February 15th, shipped February 27th, arrived in Canada March 8th.

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Looking like 6-8 weeks.

I placed order on 3-18-23 for a machine with most of the available options. Tracking shows it will be here Tuesday 4-18-23.

Hey Chris,

Yeah I placed my order on 3/20 or so and its been shipped with delivery on 4-18 as well. So they were right on their 4-5 week mark. :grinning:

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Here’s my timeline:

  1. Ordered my unit on 2/13/23
  2. Received ‘ready to ship’ email on 3/31/23, promptly paid balance on that date
  3. Unit shipped on 4/10/23 (truck freight from Texas to New Hampshire: 7-day transit time)
  4. Unit is scheduled for delivery tomorrow 4/18/23

So net/net, almost exactly 8-weeks from order placement to delivery, given my location. I can’t wait for Christmas in April tomorrow! :star_struck:


They’ve really cut leadtime down - I ordered on 4/11 and it shipped on 4/13 (not 4-6 weeks!)

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