MR1 High Powered Driver Upgrade

Just curious - for those that upgraded all their drivers…the instructions say to swap two wires on the plugs and they give an example where the green wire should be on the outside of the plug after the upgrade.

I did this for the two Y drivers no problem. My X driver already had the green wire on the outside. Based on the language of the instructions, I presume that I still need to swap these even if the color is different than the example given on the instructions website.

Has anyone else upgraded their X axis driver and can confirm whether they had to swap the wires or not? Thanks!

The full instructions are linked here: MR-1 Assembly Guide | Langmuir Systems

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The drivers are labeled with polarity and phase of the wires. Don’t trust the colors, Langmuir’s use of them isn’t always consistent. Instead check to see if the phases are swapped between your old and new drivers.

Plug it in and test it out, worst that happens is something runs in reverse. Make sure your Ys are the same though, mine came plugged in different from the factory so it made 1 motor going forward and 1 going backwards. The machine was not happy.

Yeah I’ll make sure to check the Y carefully. Will give it a shot!