MR1 Head jiggle? [SOLVED]

Doing the final lash inspection on the machine after assembly and I am getting some play in the head stock. I have a dial indicator in the spindle pressed up against the vice baseplate. Checked the play on the X ballscrew by pulling/pushing directly on the screw itself and I get the normal few 10ths of jiggle. However, if I pull/push on the headstock mount casting I get about .0015 of jiggle in both X directions. I have confirmed that all exterior bolts are tight.

Measuring against the ball nut with the indicator on the carriage I get ~.0005 of spring back.

Can someone go and run this test on theirs to see if they get the same results? Is there some internal bolts I need to tighten up to take out this slop?

Got this fixed. The 8 bolts holding the spindle carriage to the rails weren’t tight from the factory which allowed the whole spindle to rock left and right.


just built my machine and noticed the same play in the head. thanks for the post.