MR1 feet upgrade?

I’m new on the forums and have been reading through the posts and information on their site. I’m planning out my MR1 purchase and build. Would there be any trade-offs with using something like this for the feet:

Level feet / casters

It looks like this would be ideal to be able to move it around easily (says it supports up to 3300 lbs) and easily re-level it. However, it is a rubber foot. I would think with the weight it supports that it would be pretty hard rubber, but would that compromise rigidity or lead to additional vibration (or some other issue)?

The rubber foot would be my only concern. As it compresses under the weight of the machine it could cause some level and twisting problems with the machine.
It would be a possibility to make a new pad out of aluminum or even delrin that would potentially be better in the long run.
If you go this route give us an update of how it holds up. Having some form of mobility with these machines would be really nice in a smaller shop.


That’s a good idea. I’m now wondering what the best material to replace that rubber foot with. Would steel be a better option than aluminum or delrin since that is what it would sit normally anyway? Or I suppose that may get scraped up and rust. There is stainless but that would be more expensive… I’ll have to think on that but I may give this a shot when I get mine. Definitely open to others’ thoughts as well.

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I bought a set of these and returned them. There wasn’t a good lock nut mechanism against the height adjustment thread, so the thread had some play. I didn’t think that would be a good thing to introduce into the machine.

Many other people on the forum have used similar casters, you might do a search.

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