Mr1 facing base plate issue

So I’ve got everything set up and loaded up the 1/2” facing the base plate program. I homed the machine then touched off each corner to find my high and low spots then set Z 0 for my low spot. Then I clicked xy zero and a 0 started running the program and it made one pass before hitting the limit switch. I looked and the program has the gantry so far back so it hits the switch every time so I took the all threads out and cut them a little bit. It still did not work so can I some how set the Y further up so I’m not hitting that switch?

Zero XY at home and you should be good.

Ok so when I zero XY after homing it gives me the hard limit trigger error is that normal?

@Jsnider29 So the baseplate program moves upwards in +Y after the first pass? I’ve never seen that happen before with that program since it’s meant to move down in -Y then go back across the plate in X. If that program is moving the wrong direction then there might be something else going on rather than the switches