MR1 CAM clearing help. Dang "e"

First attempt… Seems like its going okay but I can not figure out why the letter “e” will not clear the inside part of the letter. I have gone down to a 1/16 end mill (dont even have one), change the geometry so there is no smaller than the tool radius, etc. and can not figure out why it will not generate a tool path. Any help would be appreciated.

Name Plate.f3d (1.8 MB)

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I downloaded your file and used 2d contour to clear out the hole in the “e”, using a 1/16 flat end mill. That should clear out the entire hole. For some reason I cannot simulate the tool path in this file I get simulation error stating the post processor is incorrect.

Thanks for the input. Not sure why the post processor error. I downloaded the cutcontrol and loaded it. Need to go back and see if its still linked to the firecontrol.

I figured out the issue with the simulation. When I go into setup I do not choose a machine, I leave it blank.

I ran the simulation for the 2d contour and it cleared out the entire small oval in the “e”. I also ran your 2D adaptive tool path for the “a” and it worked fine.

I will go back and leave machine blank… see how that works. Thanks